How Technology Transformed Business Communication

how technology has transformed business communication

The modern-day technological advancements have moved business communications into a new realm to acquire more customers, to deliver excellent customer service, automating business processes and less use of human resources. Whether big or small, businesses have to prioritize smart technology adoption not only to streamline the business processes but to accelerate business growth balancing the cost factor. 

According to a study performed by Watson Wyatt, businesses with effective communication practices were more than 50% more likely to report employee turnover levels below the industry average. 

The business communication equation is greatly impacted by technology, proving advances in the workflow, efficiency as well as business relationships. Here are some ways how technology has transformed businesses can gain benefits to boost overall productivity and channelize the business processes. 

How Technology Has An Impact On Business Communication? 

Technology has undoubtedly become an integral communication tool for modern businesses. Let us discuss some important technologies that have influenced businesses to achieve goals. 

1. Real Time Support With Live Chat 

Live chat app is one of the most preferred channels by businesses as well as customers because of the real time support benefit it offers. You can interact with your website and app visitors and in real-time. 

Here are some reasons how live chat delivers instant support to customers in their journey. 

● Live chat helps to connect with customers in real time and offer an instant solution that improves first contact resolution. 

● Live chat engages customers with personalized messages, unlike other channels that have long wait times or automated responses. 

● The chat requests are routed to the right team in order to deliver effective and faster answers in the first interaction. 

● Live chat software allows agents to handle multiple conversations at the same time that reduces the queue time and improve resolution time. 

2. Face To Face Conversation With Video Chat 

Communication via a visual medium is often much more clear than communication only through text or audio. Video chat technology proves to be the best for customer support, sales, and engagement. 

It is the proactive chat approach that makes conversations interactive with direct chat with the customer in real time. With live video chat, you can develop a high level of personalization that helps in building better customer relationships and loyalty. 

Live video & voice chat helps to guide customers in the right direction by quick identification of the issue. It also helps to assist customers for sales and product demos and provides accurate information about your product and services. 

Benefits of video and voice chat: 

● Quickly learn the customer issues and deliver effective solutions in real time 
● Instant resolution of the issue boost customer satisfaction 
● Makes conversation interactive and maximizes the chances of sales conversion 

3. Interactive Communication With Co-Browsing 

Co-browsing technology is the best to overcome some of the major call center challenges such as longer wait times, multiple touch points, communication problems, and customer service costs. 

Co-browsing allows collaborating with customers in real time by sharing their browser to acquire the knowledge of the issue and deliver an effective solution. Co-browsing can be merged with live chat and video chat to conversation effective and deliver a virtual in person experience. 

With co-browsing, you can securely share and view the documents to accelerate your business revenue. It empowers you to provide better assistance and deliver an interactive customer service experience. 

● You can easily combine co-browsing with a phone call or webchat to deliver multi- channel communication experience. 

● Co-browsing is a completely browser-based solution. You do not have to do any extra downloads and installations. 

● With co-browsing, you can make customer onboarding seamless, assist in complex form fill up, product demos, an application process that increases boost customer satisfaction. 

4. Automate Sales And Support With AI Chatbots 

Business Insider reports say 67% of consumers worldwide used a chatbot for customer support. Implement AI chatbots to automate different business functions to engage customers 24x7 and improve customer experience. 

You can use chatbots in the first place of contact to engage users when your customer support team is not available. Bots can be easily scaled to manage customer requests with instant responses and boost customer satisfaction. 

With chatbots, you can manage all the FAQs that escalate to the customer support team. In case the query is complex that needs human support, the conversation is automatically transferred to the right team for quick humanized support. 

Benefits of automated support 

24x7 Support - Chatbots are always active to engage your website customers and visitors when your support team is not available. 

Instant Answers - When visitors land to your website they do not like to wait for a long time. Longer wait time creates frustration and they might leave your website. With chatbots, you deliver instant answers to common queries of your customers and boost satisfaction their level. 

Orders & Bookings - 47% of consumers would buy items from a chatbot. So, businesses deploying chatbots to automate bookings of orders and appointments so that customers can instantly book from the website or Facebook page. 


The above mentioned technologies have a powerful impact on modern business communication. Based on the nature of your business, you need to adopt the right technology to improve your business communication and gain new customers. Implementing the right technology will help your business to differentiate from its competitors.

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