What Is Motion Design And How Does It Enhance User Experience?

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Motion design is now a crucial part of making users’ interactions with a brand’s digital products more emotional and instinctive. It combines visual communication and storytelling with motion, enabling brands to connect with users and share their story in a new way. 

But how does it enhance user experience (UX)? 

What Is Motion Design? 

Basically, motion design is graphic design, put into motion. Animated films, animated text, and animated videos are all examples of motion design. 

Graphic design alone can be a powerful way of expressing a message, but by combining it with motion you grab attention and heighten visual interest, adding energy and conveying a message in an intuitive way. 

This means people have to think less to interpret the message, which makes motion design a powerful way of enhancing user experience. 

It Helps To Display Your Brand Personality 

Which is turn is a great way to connect with your users. It doesn’t really matter if your brand is formal, playful, serious or light-hearted – so long as you choose an appropriate motion design style, you can prime users so they know exactly what to expect from your brand. Motion design can play a huge part in creating a lasting first impression when a user visits your website. 

Motion creates emotion Ultimately, every creative design agency tells stories. Motion graphics are a great way to do this, and you can make the effect stronger by tying them in with music, voiceovers and aesthetic visuals to stimulate an emotional response in the user, causing them to identify with what’s presented on the screen. 

Makes Difficult Information Easier To Understand 

Motion design is a really effective way to make complex information or procedures easier for users to understand. If your brand is finding it hard to deliver key messages because they’re just too hard to follow – use the ‘show, don’t tell’ method instead to make tricky details easier to digest. 

Benefits For Navigation 

Another way that motion design can enhance a user’s experience is by directing them effectively to the most important areas of a website or app. Subtle animations can communicate to your audience where they should head next, or what to look at first. This means navigation becomes second nature, and the user funnel you’re building ends up feeling really natural – not forced. 

You can also use transitional animation effects to distract (or even entertain!) a user while a new page loads, or another process rolls on in the background. This can help to reduce your bounce rates, as users have something interesting to look at while they wait for your content to appear. 

Motion Design: Summed Up 

Yes, it can be an excellent way to convey narratives and engage your user base. 

But make sure you don’t over-use it. Remember, your users visited your website because they were looking for something. If everything’s moving, it becomes more of a distraction than a helping hand, so be sure to do loads of user-testing to make sure you’re on the right side of the line.

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