5 Tech Tips for Increasing Productivity In Your Business

tech tips increase business productivity

In today’s day and age, the key to staying a step ahead of the competition is the right tech. The last thing you want is for a close competitor to adopt an advantageous new tech solution before you’ve even caught wind of it, leaving your business trailing in the dust and rapidly losing clients and customers. In this post, we’ll cover the essential tech solutions you’ll need to be aware of to keep in step with the most recent advancements. Read through our guide and consider whether any of these solutions could be a valuable addition to your small business or startup’s portfolio. 

1. Cloud Storage

Oh, what? You’re not already on the cloud? That’s the last thing you want to hear at the next networking event – trust us. The shame would be insurmountable. Getting your data uploaded to the cloud is an absolute must for small businesses looking to stay ahead. Cloud storage is basically like computer storage, but it allows access from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. 

Yes, you read that right: if you’ve got all your business data stored on the cloud, you can access it from anywhere in the world so long as you’ve got a stable connection! Invest in a cloud storage platform today for peak small business performance. 

2. Updated Hardware

A lot of time is spent worrying about whether a business’s software is all up to date, but sometimes people forget about the hardware the software needs to operate on. It’s a good idea to replace your workplace’s computers every few years to ensure that they are running with the most up-to-date hardware possible. 

Other tech like copiers and printers are important to keep up to date too, as you don’t want to risk losing valuable productivity time to a jam. Printers enabled with fast print are a must for companies that need to get out copies of expense reports quickly in time for budget meetings. 

3. Data Analytics Software

There’s just no substitute for hard data. With the latest suites of data analytics software, you’ll be able to gain crucial insights about market direction, economic growth, areas where you should spend more in advertising (more on that in a minute), and what key demographics your brand should provide for. 

It’s even reasonable to hire on a full-time data analyst for your small business. After all, as data collection and analysis become more ubiquitous, it’s helpful to have someone on your team that knows exactly how to crunch those tasty numbers. 

4. Automated Marketing

While having in-house human marketing professionals is often essential to growing your brand, automated marketing solutions have begun to prove vital to increasing brand awareness and general recognition of your company. Automated marketing possibilities like social media campaigns that target ads from your company to likely consumers are one of the biggest trends in millennial and gen Z consumption right now. 

Long gone are the days of billboards and TV spots during weeknight sitcoms. The younger generations want to interact with ads for brands that fit seamlessly into their feeds, so they know they can trust the newest products will fit in line with their lifestyle. 

5. Group Chats

One indispensable solution for workplace productivity is a group messaging program that your workers can use to communicate valuable information. Emails are useful for more formally addressing clients or scheduling meetings, but often, a group messaging channel is much more efficient for the sorts of quick question and answer type messages workers often need to send to each other. 

Don’t waste valuable time combing through emails about who ate someone’s lunch spaghetti or when the next client meeting is supposed to be scheduled. Invest in software that allows employees to handle this stuff in one area so that you can use email effectively and productively. 

Final Thoughts

Tech is one of the most important parts of keeping your business running smoothly. Remember, as the old mantra goes, work smarter not harder. Using the rich tech can mean the difference between hours spent on one task and mere minutes spent on the same thing. Don’t fall behind competition: invest in smart tech solutions for your small business or startup today.

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