3 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask In A Usability Test And Top Tips For Usability Tests

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A lot of people have the desire to know which questions one should not ask in a usability test. This article will help you in a great way not to make mistakes when you are doing your test. It also contains outstanding tips about usability testing. 

You should know that usability testing is not about gathering peoples’ opinions or thriving in hearses. Usability testing is enshrined on the effectiveness and functionality of your product to your people. 

1. What Is Your First Impression? 

Never ask people this question. It is said that senses are deceptive. If you ask people how your product looks like some people will give you unreliable information about your product. Never give people a room of judging your product even without any presentation. This will result in multiple errors, prejudices, and inaccuracies. Relying on peoples’ first impression is a mediocre way of usability testing. 

2. What Do You Like Or Dislike About This Product? 

This is another question that you shouldn’t ask your audience. Let the people understand and comprehend the real gist of your product. You should not give them a room of projecting their feelings about your product. They should know the essence, significance, effectiveness, and functionality of the product. 

3. What Do You Think About? 

This is another wrong question that you shouldn’t ask your prospects. The right question to ask your people is whether they have known the ins and outs of your product.

Great Tips Of Usability Test 

1. Come Up With The Scope And The Subject Of The Study 

Before doing the usability process for your site, app, or software come up with the scope and subject. This will help you logically do your testing. 

2. Ask For Consent To Record 

It is advisable that all tests of usability be recoded somewhere. This will later help you in doing your analysis. 

3. Start With The First Things 

You should consider coming with important questions that you will ask different people. 

4. Make Sure That Everything Is Done In An Orderly Manner: 

It is vital that when you are doing your usability test, you should carry do it like a professional. You should know your audience, use simple language, and interact with them like a pro. 

5. You Should Give Your People A Chance To Ask Questions After Your Presentation 

This is very important because it helps you to know the points that you are supposed to clarify and put more stress on them. 

6. You Should Not Do Your Usability Test With Any Stereotyping

You should be neutral and give everyone a chance to ask a question or even air a comment. 

7. Be Precise And Brief

It is not advisable to take a lot of time in your presentation. Some people will not listen to you.


As you can see, a usability test is increasingly important for businesses today. It's essential for product presentation and success.

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