How To Write A Press Release That Gets Noticed

how to write a press release that gets noticed pr writing

There are lots of new ways for businesses to spread the word about their brand or products. Online advertising, social media and blogging have all changed how businesses communicate with the world. However, these new methods haven’t made the old ones irrelevant. They often work together to help brands more effectively share their news. 

A press release is a good example of a more traditional marketing tool that can still serve businesses well. Well-crafted press releases often generate valuable media coverage for brands, whether that’s online or in the real world. 

Writing a press release that gets noticed may be easier than you think. Knowing the basic “formula” for crafting these documents can provide a jumping off point to showcase your brand’s message and creativity. 

Why Am I Writing This Press Release? 

The purpose of a press release is to publicly announce your message in a structured way. This could be anything from launching a new brand or product to correcting misinformation during a crisis. Your press release should focus on delivering a single core message swiftly and succinctly. 

The best way to start is to understand why you’re writing the press release. What is it you want to say? What message are you trying to get across? Once you know that, it’s much easier to craft your release. 

Here’s an example: Momentum Life, a New Zealand life insurer, wanted to share the news after receiving their life insurance licence. Their press release focuses on this announcement whilst communicating what it means for future customers. 

Who Am I Writing This Press Release For? 

If you’re unsure what you want to say, try thinking about who you’re hoping to reach. Press releases should speak to a specific demographic. Having a greater understanding of who you hope will read your announcement could help you to create messages that speak directly to that audience. 

This context could also help journalists craft a story around your message. Press releases are often picked up by news outlets, who may republish them as is or excerpt portions in their own story. If it’s clear who your ultimate audience should be, journalists may be keener to run with the story. 

Create A Catchy Headline 

Once you know your purpose and your audience, you’ll want to make sure the message will get read. In an age of digital communication, having a catchy and clear headline will help you stand out in the crowd. Otherwise, your press release might be skipped over or sent straight to the trash. 

A great example of this comes from lifestyle brand ModCloth. They communicated to customers that they would be shutting down their sites on Black Friday with a press release titled “ModCloth breaks up with Black Friday”. It’s catchy and creative, while still giving important context about the story. 

Get To The Point 

If someone decides to read your release, the next crucial element is to get straight to the point. Press releases aren’t fluffy, whimsical pieces for the readers entertainment. They are designed to quickly and concisely communicate a message. 

Start with a strong opening, outlining the facts— who you are, what’s happened, and where it happened – basically all the key parts of the story in just 2-3 sentences. From there you can begin to expand on your headline and opening with further information and detail. 

This part of a press release typically contains a quote or two from relevant people within your business, or in some cases, business partners or industry experts. It can be tempting to stuff the body of the release full of quotes and other information, but remember that press releases are meant to be short. Just a few paragraphs should be all you need to get the point across. 

Remind Them Who You Are 

The final part of an official press release is the boilerplate. This is where you write a short bio about your business. Besides reminding people what you do, you might also use this space to briefly mention things like charity partnerships or recent awards your business has received. 

An example of a great boilerplate comes from American automotive retailer AutoNation, Inc. Their boilerplate provides information about their franchises, but also mentions the company’s Drive Pink initiative which supports cancer research. 

Start Writing Your Press Release Today 

Getting your brand’s message out there is an important part of building up your business. Press releases could play a key role in making this happen. By following this simple formula, your press releases may be more readily opened, read and understood. And that could be great for business!

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