Why Businesses Should Use An Order Fulfilment Service

business order fulfillment service benefits

Outsourcing specific processes or systems makes a lot of sense for many businesses today, and outsourcing comes with a whole host of advantages. For one, with outsourcing, you can rely on a partner who is a specialist in that specific process or system, and they will have their own means and resources which you can take full advantage of as well. Outsourcing also allows you to save money – rather than renting a facility, for example, you can utilise the facility of your outsourcing partner without incurring any extravagant costs or expenses. 

But when it comes to order fulfilment, outsourcing has proven itself worthy as well. Outsourcing your order fulfilment needs can be the way to go if you have a small or start-up online shop and have difficulty finding a warehouse as well as a distribution facility. But even an established ecommerce retailer can benefit from outsourcing to an order fulfilment service. 

Here is why it makes complete sense for your business to utilise an order fulfilment service. 

Flexibility At All Times And Seasons 

Of course, it is to your complete advantage if you sell more products than you had anticipated – but there are also some hassles and headaches which come with an influx of sales and unforeseen rushes and seasonal fluctuations. If you would like to respond properly to a higher-than-normal number of orders, you would need to hire extra workers, invest in more equipment, and probably even lease more warehouse space. But what happens when your sales decrease (this is inevitable depending on the season), and you have extra workers, equipment, and warehouse space which you don’t use? 

This is where an order fulfilment service comes in. With the service, you no longer need to hire more workers, invest in more equipment, or lease extra space. You don’t need to manage extra staff, either. The fulfilment service will simply manage your surge in sales for you, coming up with the workers, equipment, and space you need. And when sales go down, you don’t have to deal with equipment which is idle, deal with temporary staff, or handle the added cost of space which isn’t utilised. All you need to think about is providing your fulfillment service with the right levels of your products to meet the demand. 

Reduced Costs In Shipping 

Shipping can be quite an expense for any ecommerce provider or retailer, but if you can provide free shipping to your customers, this can give your company a big boost. But no shipping company will send your products to your customers without a fee. Once again, this is where a fulfilment service can provide you with exactly what you need. 

A good fulfilment service will have a variety of distribution facilities and warehouses around the country and in other areas which can help reduce your shipping expenses to the point where you can provide free shipping to your customers. Order fulfilment services such as http://cannonpacking.co.uk will often have a regional as well as national and even international infrastructure which allows for discounts on bulk deliveries. 

Do Away With Fixed Expenses 

Another reason why it makes complete sense for you to rely on an order fulfilment service is the fact that you can do away with fixed expenses. Think about it – the cost of carrying your items or inventory rise when your sales aren't so good or when in decline, but you will still have to pay rent as well as utilities for storage and warehouse space. 

But if you partner with an order fulfilment service, your once fixed expenses will now become variable expenses. If you have a lean period of sales, your expenses for order fulfilment will also go down.

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