How to Improve Employee Retention

how to improve employee retention

These days, it's harder to keep employees than ever before.

Job-hopping is on the rise, with 64% of employees jumping from job to job to seek out better roles, salaries and benefits. 

To get your team members to stay with you, you'll have to set your company apart from the competition. In this post, we'll tell you how to improve employee retention for good.

Read on to find out how to cultivate a working environment that employees won't want to walk away from

Learn How to Improve Employee Retention in 5 Easy Steps

Use these tips to guarantee your employees stick around for longer at work.

1. Hire the Right People

Employee retention begins at recruitment. From the very start, you'll have to identify the people who you think are more likely to stay the course.

During interviews, have open and honest conversations about your candidates' career and life plans. 

That way, you can figure out what they want, how they'll slot into your team, and how long they should stay there for. 

2. Be Flexible

In many jobs, people don't need to be in the office 9-5 every day. 

Allow your employees to work from home when possible, and it will hugely improve their job satisfaction. They'll be grateful for the extra freedom, less stressed, and possibly even more productive

3. Provide Training

When employees feel like they aren't improving or progressing, it makes them feel dissatisfied in their jobs. Eventually, they'll start to get itchy feet and look elsewhere.

That's why you need to provide employee training regularly. 

This doesn't mean running generic courses. To maximize the benefits, make your training tailored to the individual as much as possible. 

Ask your employees to identify the areas in which they'd like to improve or skills they'd like to learn. 

Then, you can seek out the appropriate courses to help them achieve their goals.

They'll appreciate your investment in them and respond with hard work and loyalty. 

4. Give Positive Feedback

As a manager, it's easy to take your workforce for granted. 

Some focus far too much on the employees who aren't toeing the line. However, this can leave others feeling neglected and under-appreciated. 

That's why it's important to give praise and recognition. You can do this by giving out awards and gifts, but you don't have to make it a big deal. Simply saying "good job" and thanking someone for their work goes a long way. 

5. Support Your Employees

Burnout is deadly, and if your employees are overworked for too long, they'll soon leave in search of a less stressful position.

To avoid this, make sure you're providing a good support network. One way doing this is to have more experienced employees mentor newer ones. 

Check in to see how they're feeling and get their feedback, too. Appraisals and employee satisfaction surveys are ideal tools for this.

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Now that you know how to improve employee retention, the next step is to draw up a personalized strategy for your business.

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