4 Construction Technology Innovations Enhancing Job Sites

construction innovation technology enhancing jobsites

Innovation and development in technology will never stop. The use of safety equipment like grabber cones, barricades, goggles, and steel-toe boots are a must for workers to wear. But, technology is also enhancing the job site. 

Not only in making processes more comfortable and more streamlined, but also in guaranteeing that workers are safer when they're performing complicated or complex tasks on a construction site. Simply being on a ladder or scaffold posses a danger to workers. And, heavy-duty, powerful equipment is dangerous on any level. 

Therefore, the use of technology to help keep a worksite safer, and to ensure operations are moving seamlessly, is something that every construction company and crew should embrace. With so many advancements in place and many projects for the future, these are a few that are presently changing the construction industry. 

Construction Software 

No, not your run of the mill CRM that tells you when to order more supplies. But yes, this is useful, and it's available on the latest software. The software that's making construction sites more enhanced features 

1. Real-time updates which managers can share virtually anywhere on or off a job site 
2. Safety tips and ways to ensure workers are safe on site 
3. Information about potential dangers on site, and where to build around 
4. 3D modeling, schematics, time management, order inventory 

These are a few of the many perks some of the latest software offers on construction sites. If something has to be shared immediately, and all team members and construction managers need to know about it, this is one advancement that every construction crew needs to implement immediately. 


What's a BIM? If you're asking this, your crew isn't using it. Building information modeling is the latest CAD system out there. It takes 2D and 3D models to an entirely new level. 

Imagine seeing crisp detail, edges around a building, filing cabinets in an office, and other minute details in front of your eyes on a computer screen. This is what BIM does. It allows you to replicate and layout an entire construction project before ever stepping foot on a construction job site. 

And, it will enable you to share your vision and outlook with a potential client. If they do not like something, you can change it before making a mistake and overspending on areas where you don't have to. And, this software is only getting better moving into the future as well. 

Self-Healing Concrete 

Is this possible? Yes, and it exists. Specialists found a way to inject concrete with bacteria that can heal itself. This means that holes in walls or damage to walls aren't going to be an issue in the future. 

When using this concrete in building and new constructions, it will eliminate the need to do costly repairs in the future. It is not only in buildings, but on roads, freeways, and other major construction jobs, this technology is helping prevent catastrophic dangers for the general public. 

So, it's not just cost savings; it is also a great way to avoid significant damage in areas where this could harm a substantial contingency of people. 

GPS And Laser 

Rulers and measuring sticks are no longer needed. You can get pinpoint accuracy to ensure lines are straight, angles are correctly set, and other information that needs to be 100% precise, is accurate! 

The use of advanced GPS tracking and lasers are helping construction crews eliminate errors. These devices are also helping determine where to avoid the building, where potential foundation issues lie, and how to properly build around obstructions if a client is adamant about doing a job in a specific location that is not ideal or conducive for building. 

There are so many ways technology makes our lives easier on a day to day basis. Now, it is making its way into industries, including construction, to make worksites safer and to ensure construction crews are as active as possible in the jobs they are undertaking. 

And, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to new construction technology. Advancements are still being made, and new devices are being introduced regularly. So, construction crews and managers, keep an eye out for these, and the latest advancements, which will help revolutionize the way in which you build and work for clients.

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