10 Business Ideas You Should Invest In When You Live Around A College

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Do you live around a college but don’t know what business to invest in? Yes? Here are 10 business ideas that could thrive around colleges. The most important thing is providing quality service and marketing the business. 

1. Restaurant 

Students usually have tight schedules. They rarely have time to cook. This is why the majority turn to fast food joints and restaurants. They find this an easy way to curb hunger. Just like other people, college students like food. This is why the business is considered ideal to invest in when living around a college. After all, people must eat. However, to make huge profits, you must market your business to attract more customers. So, if you have the necessary skills, don’t think again. It’s time to start your business. 

2. Fitness Center 

Today, everyone is conscious of their health. So, staying fit is now the order of the day. This is increasing the demand for fitness centers. Of course, you will need some capital just as in other businesses. You will need money for securing infrastructure, gym equipment, and an instructor. However, once you set up the center, you start getting good returns. What is important is marketing your business. Get as many students as possible joining your gym. Today, this business has proven to be among the most successful ideas especially when established around colleges. What are you waiting for? Start investing. 

3. Resume Writing, Editing, And Proofreading Services 

Are you good at writing a resume? This is your opportunity to make money. College students always need help of writing service to phrase their resume in a better way and in a good format. This puts them in a better position to attract career opportunities. Also, students need professional help in editing and proofreading their projects. You require little if any capital to start this kind of business. All you need is to spread the word on what you do and you are ready. You may also offer training on blog writing. If you have the skills, then you are good to go. 

You may consider taking advantage of internet to launch your business. This will reduce capital required to start. 

4. Printing, Scanning, And Photocopying 

Students flood printing centers. Almost every day, students require to print, scan, or photocopy some documents. It can be a class note, an assignment, pages of a textbook, or other important pieces. This is why the demand for these services is always high in colleges and environs. You may include 3D selfie printing. The obsession of selfies among the youth has laid a base for the printing business. You will require an initial investment to start this business. However, the returns can really be good. It is thus a good option. 3D selfie printing is still a new idea. Investing early would give you huge returns. 

5. Repairing And Maintenance Of Laptops 

Today, almost every student owns a laptop. However, for the majority, fixing even a small problem is a nightmare. Again, laptops are prone to problems. This means that there is always a need for help in repairing or troubleshooting. This is mostly in dealing with laptop hardware. The good thing is that compared to other business, starting the business is less costly. You may even start by offering mobile computer repair. All you need is a good reputation for handling computer problems. Spread the word about your expertise. Within no time you will be off to a good start. 

6. Retailing Beauty Products 

College students are known for spending more on beauty products. Hair products have always been in high demand. Both male and female students use these products. However, ladies tend to spend more. Therefore, offering a wide range of products is likely to be profitable. You should market your products extensively. You may consider selling colognes and perfumes. This type of business normally thrives around colleges. All you need is products from different designers. You may also offer jewelry and accessories. College students comfortably buy fashion products. Combining these ideas into one business can be profitable. Therefore, investing in the business could be your best bet. 

7. Laundry Service 

College students always want to look good. But the tight college schedule may limit time for laundry. So, they require someone to do it for them. This is a good business opportunity. The investment is low but the profit is high. In addition, the business doesn’t require technical skills. You may also consider the app-based service. This involves having a mobile app where customers can place an order for the service. You may also combine this idea with other cleaning services. This includes washing their rooms. You can earn a healthy income from the cleaning services. Additionally, competition is low. However, you must retain a good relationship with students to keep the business growing. 

8. Beauty Salon 

Even though college students have tight schedules, they can’t do without making their hair. Female students and a good number of male students always want to look good. The students are always ready to spend money for that look. This creates a business opportunity for anyone living around colleges. If you have the necessary skills, this is a good opportunity. These businesses are thriving and profitable. You can also mix it with barbing services. You don’t require a lot of capital to start your investment. However, the business is demanding and also time-consuming. The quality of the service should be high to run your business successfully. 

9. Grocery Store 

Opening a grocery store around a college is a good business step. College students don’t rely on junks totally. They also use groceries. This is an ideal retailing business to start. It requires less capital to start. All you need is an ideal location around the college. It is easy to set up and also very profitable. Although the profits are not huge, the business maintains a steady cash flow. 

10. Movie Store 

Entertainment is an important part of the lives of college students. This is why retailing movies and music is a thriving idea. There is a high demand for this service, even though the days of Blockbuster Video are long gone. An updated business model can still work right next to a college if done correctly. The most important thing is staying updated on what is trending. This means knowing what music is trending and latest movies. To earn more from this business, you must retail in all formats. You must sell the music and movies in hard copies, DVDs, and soft copies, downloads. Less capital is required to start the business. You are also assured of maintaining steady cash flow. 

You must, however, market your business to attract more customers and avoid being put out of business by bigger competitors like Red Box, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. 

Mayank Bisht is currently a content writer of Fabtechie.com. With more than three years of experience in SEO content and the latest search engine optimization practices, Mayank likes to write on trending software, technology, retail, and startups. Mayank Bisht is a tech lover and always look for the latest industry trends to keep the readers updated.

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