Negative Personal Events That Can Hinder Running Your Own Business

negative personal events hinder running business hurt entrepreneurs

Running a business to the best of your ability means you need to have your personal life in order. This does not mean a business cannot be a success with an owner that is a disaster personally but it does hinder reaching maximum performance. Personal issues come in all shapes and sizes with some being healed over time while other actively need to be solved. There are those issues that compound over time so make sure to try to curb any issues by being proactive in any way that you can. The following are negative personal events that will impact running your own business to the best of your potential. 

Health Issues 

Running a business can be a grind with long hours which requires the owner to be in good physical health. If you have to lose weight it is important to start now as being overweight with a stressful job is a recipe for disaster. Mental health is important to maintain as well as the stress of running a company needs to be relieved on a regular basis. Stress can be healthy in moderation but in high doses it can ruin health, relationships, and tear down mental health. Injuries like those from a motorcycle accident need to be rehabilitated. Work from home if necessary, to shorten the recovery time needed to be back in the office. Contact an Oakland accident firm like The Barnes Firm to help with any lawsuit related needs as medical bills add up. Take power back by making sure you are compensated fairly for your injuries. 


Relationship problems make it difficult to compartmentalize different areas of life. A crumbling marriage not only can impact a business owner financially but it can kill their motivation. Dive back into your business after a divorce as this can be a great way to heal and keep your mind off of things. Talking to a professional can be very helpful as a divorce is a traumatic life changing event for everyone involved. There are plenty of positive things that can be done outside of a relationship so take this time to revamp the business as well as yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Substance Abuse 

Substance abuse can make its way into your life very quickly especially in some professions. Those that commonly meet for lunch or dinner with drinks associated could be consuming far more alcohol than they realize. This does not include drinking done with a significant other or friends that might transpire on a weekend. Drug addictions are also very common as some people look for extra energy in the wrong areas. Adderall is commonly abused as it helps the user stay productive for long periods but this has negative health impacts when done on a regular basis. 

Do not rely on any substance (besides caffeine) to help aid in your performance as it is far easier to fall into addiction than a user may think. Working a 12-step program like AA or NA can help you get and stay clean.

Former Employee Taking Out A Personal Lawsuit On You 

Employees that have been terminated or were part of a layoff can be extremely vengeful. A lawsuit for wrongful termination is one thing but a personal lawsuit for sexual harassment or other baseless claims can do a myriad of harm. This can make employees question whether there is any validity to the claims and can harm an individual’s reputation professionally even if the allegations are widely believed to be false. Do not try to work this out but rather get legal representation immediately as you want to protect yourself as well as your reputation. 

An Anger Problem 

Anger problems can impact a person’s life negatively in nearly every single area whether it is professionally, legally, or within a relationship. Managing an anger problem could take coping mechanisms, professional therapy, or even medication. The first step is to admit that you have an anger problem that you cannot control. If you are consistently confronted about something you said while angry at work or home it is time for some self-examination. Starting verbal confrontations or fights in public simply because you cannot control your anger can lead to something as bad as jail time. Start making a constant effort to control your anger as it could lead to vast consequences. 

Death In The Family 

A death in the family can be tough to deal with especially for a business owner that might have spent long hours in the office. They might feel like they lost out on time with a family member whether it is a parent, sibling, or spouse. The one thing that you cannot do is blame yourself as death although unfortunate is a natural part of life. Make sure that when you are coping you are not doing so with drugs or alcohol as this will not help you recover emotionally. Take time out of the office when this happens so you can grieve only to come back motivated weeks later. 

Run Your Business Right

Do not let outside problems impact your ability to run your business you have worked so hard to build. Create strategies in case of the above problems so you have a plan to put in action immediately!

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