Protecting Your Business Against a Variety of Attacks

Running a business is no small feat as anything that can go wrong always seems to do so. The way managers and founders react to attacks can play a huge role in whether the business is a success or not. Being proactive simply is not enough in some circumstances to avoid problems. Attack can come from a variety of areas and problems can arise in a matter of days. Even if you have done everything by the book there could still be a disgruntled employee filing a lawsuit that inhibits the business’ cash flow. The following are a variety of areas where a business can come under fire and how to deal with these issues. 

Former Employees 

Giving people chance after chance then finally having to fire them can still have revenge on their minds. The best thing that can be done about an employee that is fired is to limit any access to company emails and systems. For this reason keeping all of the passwords to important accounts on a need to know basis is important. While the person is being let go passwords should be changed as even level headed employees can go a bit crazy right after being fired. Keep everything documented as one of the first searches a fired employee will do is “wrongful termination by your employer” to see if they have any grounds for a lawsuit. Documented discipline as well as production numbers can also be used in court to justify a termination. 

Former Clients 

Clients that no longer used your services due to them or the business terminating the relationship can be dangerous. Even if you have done great work for the company there could still be issues. There are some clients that want to push a contractor around when it comes to pricing or deadlines. Refusal to be treated unfairly can lead to them terminating business but this is not where the damage can be done. Those well-connected companies can slander a company’s name or quality of work without any grounds whatsoever. Taking the high road is important but if the attacks go too far, the former client can be exposed. Emails and meetings can all be saved so your company can issue a warning to anyone thinking of taking on this vengeful client. 

Cyber Attacks 

Keeping the information of clients as well as employees secure should be of the utmost importance. Even a long term client could leave after their information has been hacked. Clients rely on companies to take cyber security very seriously and even some of the largest brands in the world have been hacked. Ecommerce businesses need to be the most careful as one hack could label a company as one that you should not buy from. A data leak in the infancy of a company can lead to its demise incredibly fast. A VPN can be a great tool for a company that has important information that it needs to keep safe. 

Investors Getting Aggressive 

Investors can be difficult to work with if you have not established expectations with them before they have invested their money. There will be some investors that do not care about anything besides their ROI and can pressure management to make poor decisions in the name of profit. Investors can usually be tamed by showing a projection of real numbers and predictions for the future. If there is an upward trend with profits most investors will tend to keep quiet. You do owe the investors to do the best job possible so tell a problem investor they are inhibiting your job which could lead to lower profits. 

The business world is constantly evolving but the above issues will continue to plague business owners. Use the advice above and react in a mature manner although you might want to scream. Business is about how you react to negative situations as nothing can ever be entirely positive.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to protect your company against a variety of attacks and obstacles.

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