Use The Best iPhone 7 Armor Case To Protect Your Phone From Dust And Drops

best iphone 7 armor case protect smartphone dust drops

Look on the internet and you will come across a large number of protective iPhone cases that will claim to protect your phone against dust, dings, and drops. However, not all can keep up to their promise and your phone being a costly piece you do not have the luxury to be careless. Apple’s iPhone is a beautiful and costly device but is also very fragile. 

Moreover, if you work outdoors mostly then your phone too has to withstand the weather conditions making it all the more vulnerable. No matter what, dropping your phone, collecting dust and dirt is very common and therefore it is essential for you to invest in one tough and rugged case for protecting your phone. 

Cases To Choose From 

The iPhone 7 armor case can take the knocks, the blows and even keeps it clean looking new always. Few of these cases come with only drop protection feature and few come with only weatherproof feature. However, there are some that can have both these features and therefore are sturdier. If you want your phone to be safe and working in any given situation then these are the protective cases that you should really look for: 

• UAG:  Urban Armor Gear case is tough and you can feel it just by looking at it. It is made from lightweight plastics and not metal and have rubber enhancements on its corners. This absorbs the impact shock. It also has rubber feet to prevent slipping of the phone off surfaces. 

 Otterbox:  These defender series cases are considered by many as the gold standard of protective cases for rugged use. These are toughest and have a layered design. There is a durable silicone slip cover that surrounds the polycarbonate shell. Few of these may also have a built-in screen protector to protect your phone from dirt and lint. 

• Incipio:  These are reprieve sport cases that come with a clear and scratch resistant, polycarbonate shell. It has a flexible frame with reinforced corners for extra protection against drops. The built-in openings in it offer easy access to the ports and camera along with the button covers that work well. The front is left uncovered making your phone fully accessible. 

•  Evo Check Evoke:  These are expensive but are worth it. These rugged cases will provide full range of drop protection for your iPhone even from 10 feet high which is much higher than a normal height of a smartphone fall. There are usually three layers of protection in the bumper to take on the most of the impact after a fall. These cases are thin, light in weight and comfortable to hold. 

Apart from the above, the Life-proof case is also worth a look. It comes with an IP-68 rating which means you submerge it in water up to 6.6 feet deep for up to one hour. It is military drop standard of 810G-516.6. These are ideal if you want to go for skiing or other adventures in wet conditions with your phone. 

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I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to find the best iPhone 7 armor case to protect your smartphone from dust and drops.

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