How New Tech is Keeping Canadian Cannabis Producers Compliant

new tech keeping canadian cannabis producers compliant

Canada’s burgeoning cannabis industry may have roots going back to the legalization of medical cannabis in 2001, but with the legalization of recreational cannabis, the industry is undergoing a seismic shift. 

Medical cannabis was produced under a strict regulatory framework intended to ensure that none of the cannabis grown to meet the needs of the healthcare industry made its way into the black market. Now that recreational cannabis is also legal, producers are facing a massive growth in demand, but they still need to stay compliant with the regulations outlined in the Cannabis Act. 

For many entrepreneurs, the nascent cannabis industry represents a huge growth opportunity. The global cannabis industry is estimated to be worth $31.4 billion by 2021, and a major slice of those profits will go to companies that are able to get in on the ground floor. But in order to enter the market, producers face a demanding set of regulations that require them to keep high-level data on every plant that is produced, from seed to sale. 

These regulations are designed to ensure not only that all cannabis being produced for the market meets quality and safety standards, but also that it is kept in the mainstream market. In an attempt to fight the thriving black market for cannabis that grew up during the decades of prohibition, one of the Canadian government’s greatest concerns in crafting the Cannabis Act was to ensure that profits from cannabis production be kept out of the pockets of criminal organizations. 

Seed-to-sale regulations are designed to make sure that producers account for every one of their plants from the beginning of its lifecycle to the moment it is sold. But doing so requires keeping track of enormous amounts of data, and to help manage information gathering and storage, many producers are turning to innovative tech solutions to stay compliant with regulations. 

Ample Organics is one of the most popular tech platforms to emerge in the lead-up to the legalization of recreational cannabis. With Ample Organics software, licensed producers can gather data about each of their plants in real time using wireless scanners that read bar codes affixed to each plant. 

Ample Organics’ platform helps producers track and report every step of their production process (those who want to learn more from Ample Organics can explore the information available on their website), and the software can also aid in managing sales through a customized e-commerce site. 

Perhaps most importantly, unlike other seed-to-sale platforms, Ample Organics is specifically designed to meet the needs of the Canadian regulatory framework, which makes generating reports even easier for Canadian cannabis producers. 

As only the second country in the world to legalize recreational cannabis, Canada is leading the way in developing practical solutions to the challenges of regulation. With innovative tech that makes compliance easy, companies operating in Canada’s thriving cannabis market are setting an example for how Medical Cannabis Manufacturing and legalization can be done efficiently, effectively, and responsibly.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how new tech is helping to keep Canadian cannabis growers and sellers legally compliant.

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