How To Help Employees That Are Working Parents

how to help working parents employees

It's likely that a significant number of the people you employ are parents, and that means it worth accounting for this in the way you run your business. The justification for this being that it can save you a lot of money in the long run. Money, you would have to pay out to recruit and train new people, if they left, as well as the fall in productivity, you could expect during this changeover period. With this in mind check out some of the ways below that you can keep your employees that are parents as contented as possible. 

Fair Maternity & Paternity Leave 

Maternity and paternity leave paid at fair rates is one of the most vital ways you can provide for parents in your company and helps provide a better work-life balance. That requires you to offer pay for these periods above the national minimum. Good maternity and paternity leave is seen by most employees as a desirable benefit.

It can also help to offer additional time for parents that have just had or adopted a new baby. Especially in term of paternity leave, as this is something that can help fathers bond with their babies, as well as minimize the stress both parents go through when a little one comes along. Something that can help either parent maintains a good performance at work once the leave is over and should minimize the need to find new staff as folks are more likely to stay on. 

Flexible Working Hours 

Flexible working hours are a wonderful way of providing a little extra for parents, as they can make their lives a lot easier. The argument in favor of this is that it is possible for parents to take the kids to the doctor, dentist, or even catch that school play without having to book any formal time off work and use up their vacation. 

This is valuable to your business because parents will be happier as they can take care of and be involved in their child's lives, easily making the time up at another point in the work week. A benefit that is likely to cause them to stay with you rather than another employer throughout their kid’s childhoods. 

Creche Facilities 

One of the best provisions to keep parents happy at work is to open a creche facility within your building. This is such a positive strategy because it allows moms and dads to spend their breaks and lunch hours with their children.

Also, if you put in play areas you can encourage them all to take some quality time outside together. Something that will definitely boost their morale and help them to return to work fresh and motivated for the next task on their list. 

Work From Home Options 

When you give parents the option to work from home when they need to you can seriously improve their contentment level. The rationale behind this that they are able to stay home while their kid is sick, or if their little one is on holiday from school. 

Working Parents Conclusion

They can also choose to stay home and if they have a particularly bad night's sleep, a situation that is only too regular when the kids are small and need child care. Something that enables them to continue working, while still reducing their stress levels and making them more content with their job overall.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to help provide for your employees who are parents.

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