4 Reasons To Upgrade Intranet Services Provider Today

upgrade intranet services network

Intranet is one of the most powerful tools currently available for organizations to manage information, store documents, and enhance their employees’ networking abilities. 

But while intranet has long been an essential feature of work in the government, healthcare, corporate, and financial sectors, new intranet tools are making it even more necessary for long- term success. For those concerned that their own intranet networks may be falling behind the times, here are four reasons to consider an upgrade: 

1. More Seamless Design 

Over the past decade, a simple truth has become increasingly apparent: a boring, ugly intranet is an intranet that is not going to be used. This shouldn’t come as a surprise — most workers spend a significant part of their day staring at their screen, and making their digital tools more appealing and pleasant to use is bound to increase usage itself. 

New intranet sites are light years away from the staid, functional intranet of the aughts, and companies that want to get the most out of their intranet tools should explore the seamless design of the latest software from companies like Intranet Connections. 

2. Expanded Range Of Tools 

Tech industry experts have noted that since the rise of social media, intranet has become increasingly social, in part because this has been shown to improve usage rates and employee engagement. This means that an effective intranet network needs to be able to deliver more than just email, file sharing, and access to policy documents. 

Upgrading to a new intranet services provider will unlock access to a range of important social features, while also giving businesses the option to adopt industry-specific tools to help track progress and workplace processes. 

3. Intranet That Can Be Managed In-House 

One of the reasons users are often unhappy with mainstream intranet providers like SharePoint is that these intranet services require administrators to have a strong technical grasp of how the intranet site works. Because most administrators are not themselves IT experts, this often means that specialized staff need to be brought on simply to manage the intranet. 

Naturally, this is undesirable for many organizations, but especially smaller ones that don’t have dedicated IT support. This is why companies that learn about the latest intranet technology are frequently heartened to hear that it is not possible to have an intranet site designed with user- friendly interfaces that any administrator can master. 

4. Better Value 

Finally, the biggest gain to be had from upgrading your intranet is one that will appeal to any business or organization: it will provide you with better value for your money. 

One reason an alternative to SharePoint is so appealing for many organizations is that established intranet providers often provide tools that most people don’t need and then charge more for them. An intranet services provider like Intranet Connections that offers a streamlined service that provides what users need at an affordable price point offers better value and a more tailor-made product. 

Social media is in the process of irrevocably re-defining how organizations of all kinds work. The top-down, unidirectional flow of ideas and information that defined business and media in the 20th century is giving way to a polyphonic sharing of ideas, and this is impacting everything from workplace organization to intranet design. 

Intranet Improvement

If you don’t want these exciting new developments to leave your organization in the dust, upgrading your intranet provider should be your first priority in the New Year.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the main reason to upgrade your company's intranet services provider today.

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