Top Home Office Ideas That Will Make You Want to Work 24/7

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Did you know that working from home can dramatically increase productivity and reduce stress? When you get your home working schedule down, it really does become the dream you imagined it to be. 

But that all falls apart when you're working from a messy corner of the living room. If you have to spend an hour cleaning every morning, you know your day will be unproductive. 

Have no fear. With our cool home office ideas, you'll be able to create a haven to focus in. Decorating an office in your house means it'll suit your personal tastes. You'll love it so much, you'll wake up excited to 'go' to work. 

Read on to discover our home office decorating tips and soon work won't even feel like work.

Cool Home Office Ideas That You'll Love

Do you get distracted by the mess and clutter in your home workspace? Working from home gives you creative freedom to design an environment that works for you. 

But where you do start? Clear your mind and let's get cracking. 

Start with the Walls

Choosing the color and pattern for your walls is the first step to decorating an office. Once you've chosen how your walls will look, it's much easier to choose furniture that'll go with them. 

If your business involves lots of social media or photography, keeping a section of wall white and empty is ideal. You can add temporary backdrops or even put in a murphy table for extra workspace. 

Choose a Theme

Let your imagination run wild. The minimalist theme is a popular one for home offices with light walls, open space, and a sleek look. Storage solutions are important for minimalism and help keep clutter out of view. 

Perhaps you're all about creative patterns and need strong visuals to feel productive. A statement wallpaper on a single wall is an easy way to achieve this whilst keeping light to a maximum. 

For a unique space, choose one wall and cover it in inspiring photographs, articles, and artwork. 

Comfortable Seating

Chances are, you'll spend a lot of time sitting while working. You don't need a boring old office chair though, that's hardly inspiring. One of our top office decorating ideas is to get a chair that you love. 

Simple and supportive, an ergonomic chair is a great example. It's ultra-comfortable and timeless so would look fantastic in any home office. 

But what if you get visitors? A beautiful sofa bed is a great solution for a home office that needs a little extra seating. Clients will love to relax on a sofa and if you're alone, you can put your feet up when you need to flick through files. 

Home office decor ideas are even better when they're multi-purpose. If you have weekend guests, simply unfold your sofa bed and you've got a guest bedroom with no effort. 

Organization That Works For Everyone

Hate losing paperwork and getting frustrated by endless clutter? Mess does nothing for productivity, so organization is a big part of decorating an office. Let's leave filing cabinets in the 90s though. 


Your desk is a great place to add in extra storage space and improve your organization. Bureau desks come in tons of designs but they all have one thing in common. Storage. 

With a beautiful bureau, you can store your paperwork and stationery out of sight but within easy reach. If you need a home printer, get a bureau desk with a large bottom cupboard. Hide your printer away inside and set up WiFi printing so you never need to plug your computer or tablet in to print. 


A beautiful bookshelf is the perfect storage solution to make your home office look less office-like. 

Wooden bookshelves look modern in any office and are ideal spaces for books, files, and even lamps. If you're short on floor space, floating bookshelves help maximize wall space and look smart at the same time. 


If your home office has a good-sized wall, floating modular storage could be the solution that transforms your space.

Modular options mean you can add to the storage whenever you want. Pick from different designs for each module and create storage that's suited to you.

Get Creative with Vision Boards

Office decoration isn't just about desks and storage, you want to work in the most inspiring place possible. Whatever work you do, surrounding yourself with images and words that inspire you is a cool way of decorating your office. 

Creating a vision board for your business helps define your work, keeps you on track, and inspires you when you're feeling unproductive. Hang it up on your wall where you can easily see it for a powerful daily boost. 

Light It Up

Natural light is key to keeping your energy levels up, so ensuring your home office window is as unobstructed as possible is best. But on cloudy days or in the winter months, other lighting solutions are crucial. 

Decorated office space is nothing without lamps. Lamps are one of the best ways to create flexible lighting that works whatever the weather.

A beautiful, tall anglepoise lamp standing next to your desk gives you targeted light without glare or shadows. 

Choose designs that can be angled in different ways and small lamps can sit on your bookshelves. 

This means you can change their aim to suit your space.

Bring Nature into Your Office

Sharing your space with nature is one of our favorite office decorating ideas. It can transform your workspace into a relaxing paradise.

Choose a cheese plant or calathea for the floor next to your desk and get a pot that complements your style. 

Cheese plants are perfect home office companions because they're easy to look after. You can buy small to start as they grow quickly to the perfect size. 

Small potted trailing plants are another brilliant addition to home offices. Pop a trailing Senecio on your bookshelf to brighten up your space. 

Feel at Home in Your Office

The beauty of working from home is that you get to choose from so many office decor ideas for your house. The best cool home office ideas are those that speak to you and help inspire productivity. 

Don't be afraid to get creative with statement walls, beautiful lamps, and big plants. Choose furniture that's comfortable as well as practical and don't forget a cozy nook for reading or client visits. 

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