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The 21st century was marked by globalization and IT technology development at a lightning- fast pace in the world. To keep up with these advancements, it is important to be interested in progress and social networks, Linkedin in particular. The smartphone revolution, explosion of drones, smartwatches and translating earbuds and the advancement of smart homes are just a few of the reasons why it is necessary to keep in the loop with your industry through LinkedIn. Nowadays, once a hiring manager takes a look at your resume, their next stop will be your LinkedIn profile. To ensure that you’re presenting yourself as professionally as possible, you should consider a LinkedIn profile writing service to optimize the appearance and the appeal of your LinkedIn profile, leading to more interviews and job offers in the future. 

Some Impressive LinkedIn Statistics You Did Not Know About 

LinkedIn uses the power of networking to best position you for your next career move or business opportunity. With LinkedIn, you leverage your network, connecting with professionals you know and others in your network’s business circles. By communicating with your network, you will be able to open doors to business opportunities that would have been impossible without LinkedIn services. 

Over the years, LinkedIn has generated a lot of well-known organizations and interest. Professionals representing each Fortune 500 company have profiles on the website. There are recruitment teams from every industry and every business discipline on LinkedIn. Millions of organizations have profiles on LinkedIn, and those numbers continue to climb over time. 

LinkedIn permits you to search, respond, engage and comment on your professional contacts from a single platform. No other social network has the same power to make the business networking process practically effortless. You can think of LinkedIn as your virtual elevator speech, business card and resume all linked into one profile page. 

Here are just a few statistics that confirm the importance of LinkedIn in the business world: 

• LinkedIn has a lot of support, with over half a billion users and is still growing in members each year. 

• It’s been estimated that LinkedIn profile base represents 15% of the world population. 

• About 97% of recruiters from IT industries are searching for high-qualified talents for their organizations on LinkedIn 

• LinkedIn can serve as an online list of business colleagues and contacts, which is especially useful for those who work in public relations, marketing, or as a sales executive. 

• LinkedIn allows you to stay in contact with your classmates and colleagues. This allows you to ask for a recommendation or be aware of how organizations you have worked for are faring. LinkedIn allows you to ask for and provide recommendations as well. 

• LinkedIn gives you a way to develop and take care of your network, facilitating your ability to meet future professional or personal needs. You can use your professional network to seek out mentoring tips, or to glean significant business advice LinkedIn feeds. 

• This service allows you to stay in touch with the state of your industry. This is particularly relevant as many industries go through their technological revolutions. 

To Be Or Not To Be: Professional LinkedIn Profile Writing Service 

LinkedIn is an amazing resource for making your next big career move and for managing your professional business relationships. To maximize your profile’s potential, you should seek out a service that provides LinkedIn profile writing help. This is becoming an increasingly necessary service, as more than 70% of organizations comb through social media accounts to screen applicants. 

The following are a few significant facts about the majority of LinkedIn profile writing services: 

• These profile writing services can deliver LinkedIn profile pages and resumes with a lot of detail and with industry-specific keywords. These improvements will increase your profile overall visibility. 

• The profile writing professionals are keenly aware that high-quality LinkedIn profiles that stand out are what get the most attention from recruitment teams and hiring managers. 

• If your profile has been optimized by a professional profile writing service, then you will appear to be high-quality or premium to your professional networks. 

• LinkedIn company pages and personal profile that have been keyword optimized can improve business opportunities and sales over traditional, expensive websites. 

• Most LinkedIn profile writing services have been acknowledged with the Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) designation. 

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Why Should You Choose A Professional LinkedIn Profile Writer 

LinkedIn profile writers will makeover your profile and provide resume writing services. Profile writing services can tremendously increase your chances of getting the attention of the most suitable recruiters, uses the best keywords for the industry you are interested in and making your profile the best that it can be. This includes understanding and carefully presenting your career story, knowing the particular needs of recruiters who hire people in your industry. 

There are several advantages that LinkedIn profile writing services can provide for you: 

• Create a top-notch LinkedIn profile to increase your chances of landing the best job in your industry. 

• Making over your brand with its profile writing service, redefining what your professional brand means. 

• Increase the amount of attention your profile gets from talent-seeking recruiters and hiring managers. 

• Grow your business connections with an upgraded and high-quality LinkedIn profile. 

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool for presenting yourself as a specialist, finding new business, career opportunities and building business relationships. LinkedIn profile writing services will craft an optimized your profile to satisfy both your personal career goals and the business needs of companies in your field. 


It is a wise choice to get professional help for improving the look and concept presented by your LinkedIn profile and releasing its full potential. LinkedIn profile writing services will create your personal profile that improve your professional image, present a premium status to your networks and give you the best chance for landing the best job you deserve.

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