4 Top SEO Agency WordPress Themes That Agencies Could Use For Success In 2020

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With the boost in the overall number of e-commerce businesses, digital marketing including SEO and even SEO media agencies have grown in number. These agencies are best for promoting clients’ products and services to boost traffic effectively to the websites of their clients. We know that today we come across countless SEO WordPress themes that are often customized to cater to the unique requirements of the individual websites. 

As per https://www.forbes.com, WordPress is the undisputed number 1 in terms of content management systems. We understand as per statistics that 29 percent of the total websites have been developed utilizing WordPress. WordPress themes are certainly SEO-friendly. They have all the fundamentals of SEO covered straight out of the box. 

Designed precisely to create websites for SEO agencies, here is an assortment of high- quality WordPress themes that should prove helpful in launching a professional website for promoting your services online. While choosing the best SEO Agency WordPress themes for 2020, do not forget to examine the diverse demos for getting a clear idea of the way your website would look visually. With several of these SEO Agency WordPress themes including limitless customization configurations, superior quality ‘drag & drop’ editors and some other useful tools, you are sure to identify the best all-purpose solution for your official website. 


Seocify boasts of a dozen diverse homepage designs that were created for developing SEO websites. Moreover, four brand new homepage layouts have been incorporated into the Seocify package. Since this is supposed to be a specialized purpose-built advanced SEO agency theme as compared to any multi-purpose business choice, here you are fortunate to get content all of which is appropriate for your project. However, Seocify offers sufficient variation both in appearance and style hence; it proves to be quite appealing even to a much wider audience. 

After a meticulous evaluation, it is evident that Seocify theme WordPress homepage layouts are packed with great sections and useful elements. Because of these, you could easily develop a website that is effective enough to promote all your SEO-related services and products. If you wish to make some modifications to the overall aesthetics of your website or even adjust the pre-built templates and layouts, things could be done quite easily and straightforwardly. You could use the truly user-friendly WordPress Customizer for personalizing colors and fonts. For other intricate design-related activities, you could use the robust Elementor page builder tool that comes in the package for ensuring that you could easily edit the templates provided in the package. Seocify would be your best choice because it is bound to work wonders for most of the SEO agencies thanks to its pre-built content and numerous customization options. For additional SEO expertise, you could avail the professional services of a New York SEO company. 


SEOLounge is supposed to be a first-rate digital marketing theme that seems to be the best choice for developing SEO agency websites. For launching your SEO agency site at the earliest possible, you could avail the services of SEOLounge WordPress theme that is known to include six pre-built website demos. Since all these demos are quite productive and efficient for developing SEO agency websites, you have access to a broad spectrum of choices with this theme. Once you have decided and identified the demo to be used for your website, you could import the content into WordPress in only a few clicks. You could consider substituting the placeholder text, as well as, the pictures with your unique material. Customizing your SEO Agency website is easy and smooth thanks to the SEOLounge theme. You could effectively use the WordPress Customizer interface and you could easily adjust and modify the site properties including the colors, fonts, and layout options. SEOLounge is known to be a magical blend of pre-built content and robust customization options to assist you in creating a brilliant SEO Agency website using WordPress. 


Gretna works fine for a host of SEO agency-related projects and that may include the ones offering SEO services. The two chief website demos provided in the theme package are specifically designed to promote your services and showcase your achievements and abilities to assist you in landing more clients. While examining the demos, you could identify lots of productive features in the excellent pre-built homepage demos that could assist you in generating more business including portions or dedicated sections for outlining specifically all your services and even the ways you could provide assistance to your clients, a specific section for showcasing testimonials for clients for demonstrating your expertise and credibility, and even a pricing table that helps your potential customers to compare your packages. 

The Gretna theme provides the robust WPBakery Page Builder Plug-in for enabling you to effectively customize and go about optimizing your SEO Agency website’s pre-built content. By utilizing this cutting-edge tool, you could carry on tweaking and adjusting or completely overhauling the demo content for coming up with the perfect site for your new SEO Agency. For additional creative freedom, you could use the top Slider Revolution plug-in. It gives you the choice of incorporating interactive presentations into your website for assisting you in explaining clearly your specific services to your potential clients. 

Mr. SEO 

Mr. SEO boasts of nine complete demos for helping you identify the most suitable design for your new SEO Agency website. According to the kind of website you are thinking of creating, you could choose a demo to fulfill your aspirations. You may be requiring an SEO consultant-oriented demo or maybe one that has been built for showcasing your team members. Whichever type you prefer, you would certainly identify the right design for your website thanks to the wide range of demos. The pre-built demos showcase a host of styles and even include homepages that come with helpful conversion-oriented features. Mr. SEO demos would be including the templates for even the other web pages apart from the homepage of your website alone. Mr. SEO is the right choice for you whether you are the brilliant boss in your SEO agency or you wish to promote your amazing team via your website, Mr. SEO would be providing you with all the templates your website would require. 


We have discussed some of the most versatile SEO Agency WordPress themes that you could use in 2020 and beyond for achieving success. Choose one or more of these amazing WordPress themes that would make your work a lot easier and seamless.

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