Why Every Company Needs a Security Program

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Most businesses today collect customer data to predict future marketing trends. Some companies that collect this data are also required by law to create plans that safeguard this data from unauthorized use or theft. A well-structured security program can protect these assets and preserve a company’s reputation.

If you’re ready to create your own company security program, read this helpful guide. It covers what components your information security program should include. It will help show you what you can do to protect your company’s future.

What is an Information Security Program?

Information or data security programs define the strategies and approaches that companies use to protect their technology and data assets. Information security plans can point out threats for staff to watch. They can also be a helpful tool to help prevent threats before they occur.

What Should a Security Program Include?

There are many online resources that can help you get started with developing your security program. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) created a planning guide that can help you customize a program to fit your business’ needs. Here are the basics any information security program should include.

Staff Expectations Before/During a Security Breach

These information security plans should outline the staff’s ongoing obligations and responsibilities to protect company assets. An information security program should also include instructions for responding to security breaches.

Staff Training on Your Information Security Program

Include a schedule to train your staff on how to protect confidential customer data and other digital records. Outline the course outcomes and what your expectations are to safeguard records.

Identify All Network and Computer Software Used

List all software versions used on your company’s individual computers and network. It’s wise to use the latest web browser versions and security software.

These programs fight off viruses, malware and a host of other online threats. Include a schedule to review your antivirus software whenever you update these systems.

Restrictions on Access to Data

There shouldn’t be a single contractor nor employee that has access to all your data systems. Your security program should identify who has user permissions to access specific data categories. Dataroom provider Docurex is the pro at organizing this restricted access for you. 

Mobile Device Protocols

Your information security program should also outline best practices for staff who use mobile devices (i.e., laptops, phones.) These practices could include having password-protections of each of these devices. These procedures could also include how to report stolen or lost equipment.

Next Steps On Company Cybersec

You can start building your company’s information security program today by downloading the planning guide from the FCC. Schedule training meetings with your company employees and contractors. Make sure that they understand their responsibilities for keeping your business data assets safe.

Incorporate updates to your plan as your company mission evolves or when technology trends change. You can also check our website for more helpful business support ideas. We can help you create the path to keep your company’s assets secure and safe. 

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