How to Brand Your Business with Custom Badges

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Did you know that badges are a phenomenal marketing tool that can give you a whopping 42% increase in sales?

Nowadays, you're bound to run into someone wearing a badge of some sort in your everyday errands. Some are your everyday hippy pieces while a good deal also is custom badges – designed to be put on by certain people.

And that means you can get yours too to solely flaunt (in a good way) your brand to prospects. Badges, when used effectively, are a great avenue for connecting with customers and leaving a long-lasting impression. 

Keep reading to find out the incredible benefits of custom badges and how you can create your own exquisite ones.

Why Custom Badges?

On your side, custom badges offer a way to get the word out about your brand without having to spend huge sums of money necessarily. A decent badge costs a few bucks, which is a good enough amount for a lot of companies out there.

Additionally, the badge bearer takes your brand with them everywhere they go. That means more reach at absolutely zero cost.

On your customer’s side, badges offer so much more as opposed to, say, business cards. And that’s for a couple of reasons:

  • More valuable to customers. Badge gifts create an impression that you value your customers because each one of them is getting their own, which makes it kind of personalized. This etches your brand into their minds, making them more willing to do business with you.
  • Basing on the above point, a custom badge is probably not going to end up in some trash can. Remember this is something that a customer places some value on and, besides he/she, can still use it to spruce up a bit their looks. That gives badges a longer lifespan as compared to a business card or flyer that will probably be done away with sooner.

Designing a Custom Badge

Understanding how important custom name badges are is one part of the equation. Coming up with the right designs for your brand is what makes this equation complete.

By injecting a bit of creativity in this whole issue, you’ll get all the cream that there is to be gotten from custom ID badges. And no, you don't need out-of-this-world stuff to hack this.

You can get custom badges online quite easily. Granted there are a host of options, getting overwhelmed is only normal. But that shouldn’t be the case. This best free online badge maker app will have you covered.

A few guidelines before you get down to the real business, though:

1. Let the Logo Be Conspicuous – Place it centrally and make it large enough. Also, make sure to dazzle with the colors. This really helps in getting picked out easily and hence broadcasting your brand.

2. Be Unique With the Shape – Don't just fall for what everyone else is doing; that is not how you stand out. Instead, throw in something seemingly out of place like triangles, stars or even an animal. Bonus points for a logo-shaped badge.

3. Horizontal Is Not the Only Way – The text on your badge doesn’t have to adhere to the unspoken rule of always being horizontal. Up and down is also a thing.

Final Thoughts On Business Branding Badges

Custom badges have the potential to boost your brand without eating too much into your budget – it’s very easy to get cheap custom badges.

Just keep the tips here in mind when going about all this for the best results. It's time to brand bigger and better on a budget!

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