All You Need to Know About VaporFi Discounts

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Vaping is getting very popular and VaporFi is one of the best brands in the industry today. Florida-based VaporFi offers a wide range of e-cigs as well as a comprehensive selection of premium, US-made e-liquids. From beginner to advanced-level, VaporFi has you covered. For those entirely new to vaping, VaporFi's Express E-Cig is a great starting point. For more of a vape challenge, try The Rebel II. 

VaporFi caters to the needs of most vapers. For those who require more wattage control or even herbal vaping, VaporFi has the hardware and juice necessary. VaporFi now offers you an average of 25% discounts on E-liquids, Vape Devices, and Vape accessories along with free shipping. 

Check out for the best VaporFi coupon & promo codes to get discounts on your orders. 

· Using Your VaporFi Coupon And Discount Codes 

It is easy to use your VaporFi discount code to get the best deals with all your orders. To redeem your discount on, click on the link which will take you to the VaporFi website. Once there, you can continue doing your shopping until you are ready to exit. 

When you are ready for checkout, you will find that your discount has automatically calculated and applied. It is that simple. Remember that while promotions on VaporFi products will override your coupon, the resultant savings will be more significant for you. 

Rewards Points from VaporFi are awarded for purchases, leaving reviews, referring friends, sharing VaporFi on social media, and for your birthday. They can be used to make purchases on anything in the vape world

· Picking the Right VaporFi Device for You 

With such a wide range of vaping devices flooding the market, choosing the right one can be for difficult. For those making the switch from smoking, a good start would be the Vice device, Pro II or edge, with more experienced vapers tending to favor the Vox mini or Vox TC devices. 

The right vaping device or juice will always be a matter of personal preference. However, you can rest assured that VaporFi has all that you need for a great vaping experience and at the most pocket-friendly prices. 

· E-Juice And Nicotine Levels 

VaporFi's e-liquids are completely diacetyl-free and come in two PG/VG ratio flavorings on their e-juice flavors. The higher-PG option (70/30) has a stronger throat hit, but with less vapor production to the milder 50/50, which is bigger on vape cloud creation. 

Generally, higher-VG e-juices tend to be thicker but both options from VaporFi wick well enough to be useable with most atomizers. As a guide, most pack-a-day smokers just switching over to vaping find that 1.8 % nicotine is enough to satisfy their cravings and quit smoking

On the other hand, less than a pack a day smokers may find that 1.2 % is sufficient for them. It is therefore advisable to try a couple of different nicotine levels and to figure out which one caters better to your needs. 

· Shipping And Warranty 

VaporFi ships internationally with most countries covered. A complete list of countries is on the website. The Home Delivery Program from VaporFi gives you the option of setting up regular weekly or monthly shipment of juice or hardware which enables you to get 10 % off all vape purchases

VaporFi offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on product dissatisfaction or malfunction. Additionally, you get a conditional 90-day warranty on vaping e-liquids, cartomizers, atomizer heads, tanks, and so on.

Final Thoughts 

VaporFi has excellent vape products and now even greater discounts. The beauty of their discount coupons and codes are that they have no expiry date.

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