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Over the past few years, the vaping industry has grown to a whole another level and not just in the UK, in fact, this is happening all around the world that people are now shifting from cigarettes to vapes. For those who don’t know much about vaping, it’s basically a form of smoking in which you don’t actually consume harmful substances like tar and nicotine etc. In fact, when it comes to vaping, there are special e-liquids that are made up of bases and flavor is added to these bases for taste. 

Long story short, vaping is comparatively safer than smoking cigarettes and this is a tried and tested fact which is why nowadays a lot of people are using e-cigarettes instead of the nicotine cigarettes. Right now if you make some research on the internet, you will see that there’s a lot of debate about vaping going around and a lot of people say that vaping is not safe at all and it’s equally dangerous just like the cigarettes. Well, truth be told, if you see the contents of both a cigarette and a vape, you will see for yourself that yes vaping is better. 

Why Are People Shifting To Vaping In The UK? 

Yes, it is a researched fact that people have now started shifting to vaping in UK and well there’s a reason for it. You see, quitting cigarettes is one daunting task especially if you have been smoking them for quite a while. People just can’t fight the urge of smoking cigarettes especially when they are trying their level best to quit this habit. Now, this is where a vape comes in handy. Vaping and smoking cigarettes have this one common thing that in both the cases you blow out the smoke from your mouth and well, this is exactly what helps when you are trying to quit cigarettes. People opt for vapes and e-liquids to quit smoking easily. 

In the start, they consume the e-liquids that have some nicotine present in them but with the passage of time, they reduce that amount of nicotine too and then all that’s left is just flavor. Especially if you buy your e-liquids from places like , we can bet on the fact that you will love the flavors and yes, even if you are trying to quit cigarettes then yes, these vapes will be useful for you. 

The UK is known as the second largest market for vape products but even then, there are a few rules of consuming it in the UK. Like, people under 18 are not allowed to buy vape products and those who have a license are only allowed to sell these products. Also, there’s a restriction on the amount of nicotine that’s allowed in the e-liquids and one cannot sell the liquids with high levels of nicotine in them. It's also safer than smoking marijuana or THC products. In a nutshell, vaping is safer and well there are limitations and restrictions on consuming it in UK so yes, you shouldn’t be worried about it being “dangerous”. 

Overall Verdict On Vaping

Remember, if you want your vaping experience to be the best one so far then you need to buy your e-liquid from a reputable place because the taste matters the most and it decides whether or not you like vaping. It’s not that vaping is totally healthy but yes, if you are struggling hard with quitting smoking then you should try vaping as it can be helpful for you during your tough time of transition.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about what you need to know about the vaping industry in the UK and vape trends in London.

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