S Is For Saving: 7 Ultimate Tips on How to Successfully Hire Developers for Startups

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Hiring new employees at any company is hard. However, for startups, this task becomes even more difficult. Because startups are young companies that typically have limited cash flow and low reputation, it can be hard to find the best and brightest developers to bring on board. Moreover, the consequences of hiring a wrong employee will be felt in every aspect of your business. 

Fortunately, there are true methods that can help you to hire the right software engineering experts for your startup. And, luckily for you, there are many tips to boost your online presence to spread the word about your company — simplifying discovering you and your company information for potential candidates. 

Outlined below is the ultimate list of tips your company can use to hire developers for startup businesses successfully. 

Clearly Define Your Startup 

Startups are unique from any other business. Startup features include a fast-paced environment, high- dependence on technologies and limited budget. 

You need to have a clear idea of what your company is, what it stands for, what you’re trying to accomplish and what types of employees you’re looking to hire. Having a firm understanding of your startup’s identity and what your startup features are essential for successful hiring. 

Sometimes startups make some mistakes while hiring a person just because their salary requirements fit into their strapped budget. Once this newbie is brought on his duties, the startup recruiter finds out that they might not have the experience required to do a good job. Generally, you’ll have wasted time and money on hires that aren’t a fit for your company. 

By clearly defining the features of your startup, you can make moves to determine what employees you need and be more informed on finding the right ones to hire. 

Determine Which Employees You Need 

Hiring software engineers could be exciting. Before you jump into searching for software engineers, you need to decide which positions you need to close up. Think about the criteria you outlined above when you listed out the startup features you focus on. If you plan on using outsourcing, they’ll need as many details as possible to find the best and brightest talent. 

Moreover, you’ll have to think carefully about the software engineers you need. For example, some startups focus on technical projects, which is a task for web developers. Others require software engineer support, which is a task for customer service optimization. Once you determine what type of employees you need, you should write a detailed job description. A description is the main position information resource for potential candidates and outsourcing services. 

Start Your Search 

Now that the hard planning work is out of the way, it’s time to get started with your search for the best software engineers. If you do these services in-house, consider posting to LinkedIn, job board websites, or other social media sites. If you use an outsourcing service, you just need to provide them with your strategy and search parameters and they’ll do the hard work for you. 

Screening Candidates 

Because your time as a startup is so limited, you’ll want to use applicant tracking systems to cut down on the cost, time and effort you’ll put into finding the right candidates for your business. With this money-saving option, you’ll be able to keep your limited cash flow protected. 

Interview Like A Pro 

Interviewing is arguably the most difficult process in the whole hiring process. The interview is often your first time meeting with potential engineers. Make sure to ask about their experience and how they might handle situations that are relevant to your business. Find out and write down the best questions to ask to hire the best developers for your startup. You could choose any type of interview to evaluate the candidates. First, decide whether you’ll conduct the interview via Skype/telephone or face-to-face. Depending on the number of interviewees, it could be a panel or individual type. Due to the scope of questions, select portfolio-based, competency-based, or informal interviews. 


Hiring software engineers for your company has its benefits and drawbacks. Software engineers can provide the technical support and skills your startup needs. However, because of the vast range of diverse types of coders, it can be tricky to know what exactly software engineer you need. Moreover, because of their technical skills, software engineers usually have higher salary requirements, which could put pressure on your limited cash flow. Despite this, hiring a developer benefits startups across the world greatly. The odds are in your favor that you’ll reap the rewards of these benefits as well.

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