How to Hire a Web Developer for Your Small Business

how to hire a web developer for small businesses webdev

To do any kind of business and to compete in any kind of market, your company needs a website. It is the only way you can reach your audience, and make your brand your own.

Yet, knowing how to develop an effective website can take years of study, and even more years of experience. It is easier to learn how to hire a remote web developer or developer on the most comfortable terms to build your company's website, instead of trying to make one yourself. As a business leader, you should know the importance of leaving things to the experts!

By hiring an expert web developer, you will have more than just a functional website. You will have full control over how your company is presented to the digital world, and control over how people find you. 

A good website will tell people that you are invested in your company's success, and they will trust you more with their business. Before that can happen though, you need a good web developer to make your company a good website. To learn how to find a good web developer, keep reading below!

Research How to Hire a Web Developer

The first step to finding a good web developer to do to research. When it comes to web development, you need to do more than just Google "Where to find web developers." You need to conduct actual, intense research about what web developers can offer you, and what your company needs.

Start by identifying exactly what you want your website to do. For example, some companies can benefit from e-commerce websites that act as digital storefronts since they create a new source of revenue for your company. Yet, companies in industries like media or medicine may not benefit from e-commerce.

Then, you need to research what specific web developers can do. Some web developers specialize in certain server frameworks, while others may specialize in using certain coding languages. Some web developers may give you effective web management tools, while others may leave you in the dust.

Make sure the strengths of your web developer matches what you need out of your website. Otherwise, your website may backfire, and it may end up costing you more money than you make out of it!

Freelancers Cost More Upfront But Are Cheaper Long-Term

There are also different ways you can hire web developers, and each comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. The first way you can hire a web developer is by bringing them on as a freelancer. This way, your web developer will only work with your company for a limited time, until the project is completed.

Since they're not fully-fledged employees, you don't need to worry about attracting them through salaries or benefits. Both of you agree on a set price for the project by signing a contract, and then your freelancer gets to work. Depending on the contract, you may them all at once or in a series of payments that end at the deadline.

And make sure you're realistic with the deadline — listen to what your freelancer has to say. They know exactly how long it takes to make a website, and they will give you a date that they can deliver the website by. Don't try to adjust the deadline; by demanding freelancers work faster, you may make your website worse.

In-House Web Developers Manage Your Website

Instead of hiring freelancers to develop a website, you can also bring someone on in-house. If you hire a web developer as an actual employee, you will benefit from having someone on your team that intimately knows your website. You'll just need to pay them more than you would a freelancer.

When someone is on your team that understands your website, you have someone to call on in case something happens to it. You also have someone that can plan for the future and help refine your website over time. That way, you can stay ahead of design trends and help frame your company as a leader in its market.

Web Development Means More than Websites

It's essential to have a website in modern markets, but that's not enough to compete anymore. To stand against your competition, you need to attract customers via cross-channel marketing techniques. You need to leverage all kinds of technology and tools to make money.

And for examples on the kinds of modern technology you need to stay ahead, just keep reading below!

Apps Are Essential for Any New Business

Traffic to all websites comes from people's smartphones, now. The number of people browsing the web on their phones has overtaken the number of people browsing it on computers. That means you need to design your website with mobile in mind for it to succeed.

Yet, you can take things a step further when you hire a web developer. Several developers are offering custom application development services, which is a fancy way to say they will build apps for you. And if you offer customers an app, they will be committed to your company.

With an app, your company can stand out among the rest by having a specific spot on your customer's phones. It provides a way for you to reward customer loyalty by offering deals through the app, or by giving customers a unique portal they can use to work with you. And all new businesses need to find ways to stand out to succeed.

Websites are Marketing Tools 

Your website isn't just a way to connect with customers. It's also a tool you can use to frame your company and create your brand. At the same time, your website isn't just digital storefront — it's also a platform you can use to voice your mind to the market.

Include a blog on your website that you can use to host content pertaining to your brand, industry, and market. That content will signal to people that your company is an expert at what it does, and over time it can emerge as a thought leader in your industry. With that kind of market positioning, you can make more than ever before!

A Web Developer Will Take Your Company to New, Digital Heights

Hiring a web developer isn't just a sound business strategy in modern markets. It's a part of establishing any modern business. All aspiring entrepreneurs must know how to hire a web developer as part of building their company, or else it is doomed to fail.

Without a website, your company won't be able to compete and will lose customers. Not only does a good website help you compete, but it also helps you market yourself more effectively. And to get started succeeding in your market, you need to hire a good web developer!

To learn how to find the right web developer at a good price, just keep reading here. We understand all new businesses are on a shoestring budget and will keep you informed on how to save money on your journey to the top of your market!

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