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how to choose web development firm for startup

Having a website for business owners is not a novelty. It is rather an inevitable part of making business because the website takes a lot of responsibilities. From product placement and advertising to customer support and building your funnel. All these and other intermediate processes cannot be performed without a website. Web development is extremely important among startups as they are going to make a name for themselves in the market. And if you are not a programmer and can not sit down and write a program from scratch, then you should use the services of a web development company.  

What Is A Web Development Firm And Why Should You Choose One? 

A web development company is responsible for the full life cycle of creating a website. When you hire a web development firm, you can be sure that it will help you with every part of the development process. The team will perform ideating, setting up a framework, codding, designing, testing, fixing bugs, and realizing the final product. Choosing a professional web development firm for startups is the best way to make your business path a sustainable one. Here are some reasons why you as a startup company should consider hiring professionals. 

They Have A Lot Of Experience 

Startups at the beginning of their journey are so fresh to all the stuff. Accordingly, they don’t have enough knowledge and expertise when it comes to building a website. Because web development is not only about posting photos of your products and writing descriptions. It is about the complex process of coding, backend and frontend development, UI/UX designing, and many other works that people have been learning for years. Web development companies are also aware of the latest trends. And even if you already have an idea of what your website should look like, they will always point you in the right direction. 

They Will Save Your Time 

When the professionals who are responsible for all the processes of website development are gathered in one place, you do not have to spend time searching for each of them on your own. Imagine that you need to find web developers, designers, product managers, and other members in one team. And think how long it would take you? For some positions, HR managers can look for people for years! If we talk about working time, professionals will help you save a lot of time on failures that you could allow yourself by building a website yourself. And when it comes to time, startups don’t have years for kicking off their business idea. 

They Will Maximize Your Site’s Visibility In Search Engines 

If you want the world to know about you, you need to be at the top of search engines. It is for this purpose that startups create websites - to increase their visibility in the market. Only if you appear in the first numbers in search engines, you can capture as many audiences. 

Professional web development companies use SEO practices to maximize website visibility. They know how to promote your site to the highest rankings. And yes, it will increase your conversions as well! 

tips hiring website designers for startup company

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Web Development Firm? 

The process of selecting a web development company should be treated very responsibly. Your success will directly depend on which team you choose. As startups are very new in this area, they should know how to recognize a high-qualified team and not a good one. Keep in mind the following characteristics that should determine your choice. 

Good-Looking Portfolio 

The best way to see the web development company’s performance is to see its portfolio. By looking at the examples of the firm’s work, you can identify its level of competence in the web development area. It is worth testing their websites for usability. If the portfolio has links to the works, do not spare time to properly test them. This way you will be able to see how well the work is performed from a technical point of view and not only from a visual one. You can also imagine yourself as the owner of one of their websites. If you feel that you like the style and characteristics of the site, you can go further. 

Positive Testimonials 

It is very crucial for startups to learn about the feedback of customers of the desired web development company. Every good company posts satisfied customer feedback on its page. To get a real impression of the cooperation, you should contact customers directly, because no company will show bad feedback. Usually, companies do not publish the contacts of their clients on the page. Then you will need to ask for contacts from them directly. And if the company can not provide you with this information, you should think about the fact that it may have dissatisfied customers. 

Professional Team 

It is very important that the company you hire employs highly qualified workers. This is especially true for developers who must have a good background and at least 5 years of experience. You can also ask companies for resumes of their specialists. Since startups are very young, they should hire people who position themselves in the market for more than a year. You should also pay attention to the teamwork of the desired company. Proper communication and cooperation between all team members will affect the success of your project. 


No matter how professional the team is, deadlines are important. Especially for fast-growing startups, time is an important part of success. Imagine that you are ready to show your idea to the world, and the deadline for your website is constantly delayed. Product managers need to draw up a plan with clear deadlines for the release of the finished product. 


Web development is a complex and long process. But it can be easier and faster when done by professionals. Web development firms can be real saviors for startups that are launching their businesses online. And if you choose a good company, you can enjoy your website within the months.

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