5 Things A Business Owner Should Know When Choosing A Web Developer

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If you are wondering how to choose a website developer to effectively invest money and get a decent result, then you are in the right place. The question of choosing a good performer when developing websites sooner or later arises for everyone who has decided to promote themselves or their services. Contact IT Delight experts to find the ideal developer for your website, and keep reading this post to learn all the specifics. 

New sites appear on the Internet every day. The number of specialists developing commercial web resources is increasing at the same rate. Based on statistics, the number of developers in the world in 2022 is about 27 million, and this number is constantly growing. On the one hand, the growth of the Internet development market has led to an influx of specialists in the industry, but it is not always possible to find a developer suitable for a specific project. For the result to exceed expectations, you need to be guided by important search criteria for a website developer. Let's talk about this in more detail. 

Development Of A Website Is Your Investment In The Future 

Starting a business in any field, you should think about creating a website. This will be a platform where potential buyers will find out about you, be able to get acquainted with your business, and use the services provided. The biggest plus of your web resource is that it is not limited geographically. This is the best way to scale your business and increase profits. A web developer will help you with this. 

A web developer is a specialist who creates and maintains websites. It can work both on the appearance of the site and on its internal server side. Testing and searching for bugs is, although not the main one, also one of the tasks of web programming. There are three big areas in the developer profession: frontend, backend, and full stack. All of them are popular among developers: 

• The front-end developer creates the appearance of the site. He typesets the pages and is responsible for making the site attractive and user-friendly. But its work is not limited only to the interface. He also makes sure they all work well. 

• The backend developer is responsible for all that are not visible to the user. 

• A full-stack developer can do both. He creates the site, designs its architecture, and deals with system administration. 

Whom Should I Contact For Website Development? 

Finding a good website developer today is not so easy. There are a few things you need to check before hiring a developer to create your website: 

• The portfolio is a decisive factor when choosing a contractor. It is good when the portfolio contains completed projects of online stores, corporate websites, and landing pages; 

• Features of the developer's site: evaluate the web resource according to the following indicators: functionality, unique design, and convenience for the visitor; 

• Transparent pricing. This is the price for performing specific tasks. 

These are the main parameters by which you can evaluate the professionalism and experience of a web studio. If a potential candidate meets all the criteria, you can trust him. In cooperation with a reliable company, you will receive a functional, attractive, and modern website. 

An Agency Or A Freelancer? That Is The Question 

The main conditions for choosing a website developer are a reasonable price, the completion of work within the agreed time frame, and bringing the project to its logical conclusion. Based on this, you need to choose a performer. It can be a freelancer or a web studio. What is better, you ask? 

For most ordinary people, the site is like an advertisement or information magazine, only in electronic form. One likes it more, the other less. The criteria for choosing a site for receiving information are approximately the same for everyone: attractive appearance, convenient navigation, quality of posted content (it is not very pleasant to read text with spelling and syntax errors), established feedback, and others, depending on the topic of the site. You will ask why such a long preface, but this is the point. 

Website development is a complex process consisting of target audience analysis, design development, layout, testing, and content filling of the main pages. A separate specialist is needed for a qualitative solution to each task. Therefore, the conclusion is obvious — you need to look for a web studio. This is an ideal option, which is characterized by such advantages: 

• The conclusion of the contract is the reliability and guarantee of the completion of the project; 

• A comprehensive solution to the tasks set — the wishes of the customer are clarified at the first stage, and at the final stage, the site's performance is checked; 

• Implementation of the project within the agreed timeframe: the company values its reputation and complies with the terms of the contract; 

• Large team — the work is performed by several qualified specialists: programmer, designer, layout designer; 

• Support after completion of work: professionals always come to the rescue and provide answers to your questions. 

In Which Way Should A Developer Be Paid? 

There are two common ways to pay developers for services: fixed payment and hourly: 

If you choose a fixed payment, then the price for the entire period of work is negotiated at the time of the conclusion of the contract and cannot be changed, regardless of the time spent. At the stage of calculating the cost of services, the developer receives a list of requirements and uses it to calculate the time required to complete the work. Then he multiplies the resulting number by his hourly rate. The problem with fixed-payment contracts is that any possible changes must be agreed upon in advance, and your wishes may be ignored. You need to give precise instructions from the very beginning to avoid a situation where you desperately need to make changes, and the developer refuses to do so. 

Compared to a fixed payment, contracts, where payment is made by the hour, allow for a more accurate assessment of the cost of services and have more flexible conditions. The developer can afford to make edits and resort to agile development. Although the hourly rate enables you to evaluate the developer's services effectively, it is not the greatest option for work that must be completed quickly. 

Where Can I Find A Developer? 

Freelance Platforms - Professionals from various fields work here. The downside of hiring freelancers is that they are not as involved in the process as in-house engineers. 

Recommendations - You can find good developers in your environment or through people you have worked with before. Ask your friends, family members, and colleagues who they would recommend to your team. 

Agencies - Contacting recruitment agencies is perhaps one of the most frequently used ways to find developers. You should go to trusted companies that carefully select all candidates, and their employees have extensive experience in reviewing resumes and conducting interviews. Although this method has undeniable advantages, it is also one of the most expensive. 

Final Thoughts On Choosing Web Developers

A web developer is a very important person for your project, as he is responsible for the face of your brand as well as for your interaction with customers. Therefore, in order not to harm your own business, it is very important not to make a mistake in choosing the right person for this position. This is what we wish for you!

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