How to Start a Business Instagram Page

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In the world of social media, Instagram is an absolute powerhouse. The Facebook-owned social site now boasts an impressive reach of over 1 billion users!

If you're not already using Instagram for your business, you're missing out on an easy way to connect with your audience. But it's never too late to get in on the action.

Keep reading for some Instagram help as we walk you through the step-by-step process of establishing your business' Instagram presence.

Register for an Account

Before you can wow your audience with great content, you'll first need to secure your account. You can do this online through the Instagram website or Instagram's mobile application.

Signing up is easier than you might think. All you'll need is:

  • An email address or phone number
  • Your name
  • A username
  • A password

You can get your account up and running in a matter of minutes! Alternatively, if you already have a Facebook account, you can use that to sign up.

A quick piece of advice: When selecting a username, make sure it represents your business, as customers will see it.

Establish a Business Account

Once you're finished with the initial setup, you'll need to head into the 'settings' menu. You should see an option that says 'switch to business account.'

From here, you'll have the option to add all the important info your customers will need. You can add your business hours, contact info, and a brief biography of your business.

It might be tempting to skip this portion of the process and get straight to posting, but you're going to want to fill this info out. Around 88% of consumers research businesses online, so including the right info may help them make a purchasing decision.

Post Great Content

Now for the fun part: populating your page with great content!

Any content that goes up on your company Instagram page needs to follow a few simple criteria.

First, it needs to mesh with your brand's tone. If you're using a B2B company, you probably won't want to use emojis. Likewise, if you're targeting a younger demographic, slang, shorthand, and emojis are more than welcome.

Second, it needs to drive engagement. All content you post should aim to guide followers through your sales funnel. Include a call to action in each post.

Finally, switch up your content. Posting photo after photo gets boring for your audience. Video posting on Instagram is a great way to switch things up, and uploading is easier than you might think.

Link to Facebook

Since Facebook owns Instagram, they'll do their best to get you to use both services. Take them up on their offer and link your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

When you post something to Instagram, it will go straight to your company's Facebook page, too. That way, you are essentially doubling your output.

Need Instagram Help? Follow These Tips

Establishing an Instagram presence for your business isn't hard, nor is it time-consuming. All it takes to create a fun, exciting profile for your company is a little creativity and a few minutes of your time.

Need more Instagram help for SMM? Then be sure to keep browsing our blog for even more great content on Instagram marketing and social selling success.

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