Why Many People Need More Than One Email Account

why peopled need more than one email account professional email management

If you don’t use multiple email accounts, you are soon to be doomed. Literally! If you like subscribing to tempting offers, downloading free ebooks or making online purchases, you will soon discover that all those services have a hidden agenda: spamming you to no end. 

To be fair, not all newsletters and promotional emails are spam. Many people are actually interested in special offers, but the frequency of those is another matter entirely. Online marketers are not known for being particularly scrupulous, as the more messages they send, the bigger the percentage of potential customers grows. As a result, poor souls making one-time purchases will soon start having a difficult time filtering important messages from sales promotions… unless they use a different email address for such activities. 

Other reasons why using multiple email accounts is recommended range from common sense to each email user’s specific needs. I.e., separating private and business emails is always a good idea. Freelancers may have a thing or two to add here, too. Generally speaking, people who tend to send numerous job applications certainly wouldn’t like to mix up replies with other important emails. 

Separating business and personal email and filtering spam are the first and foremost two reasons why everyone should have at least two email addresses — at least! People who are active online and like commenting or blogging should consider more email addresses. For one thing, not everyone likes to use their real names on forums (quite the contrary!) and for another, security issues are not to be taken lightly. Maintaining online privacy and using aliases is, hence, the second set of reasons why you should use more than one email address. 

Multiple Email Accounts for Business Users 

Nowadays, businesses rely heavily on email communication, despite the apps stealing the spotlight. Think in terms of freelancers for a bit. The more clients they get, the greater the chance becomes of them mixing projects up. Such things are not na├»ve in the slightest, so separating workflows into different email addresses sounds like a really good idea. 

• Email Marketing 

Email campaigns are the most affordable marketing tool. If your business uses this strategy to keep in touch with clients/customers, creating a separate email address just for this purpose goes without saying. Dedicated email addresses are just the thing you need, as they will both help you keep track of the developments and increase your business’ reliability. For, let’s face it, newsletters coming from myname@gmail.com are less likely to even be considered for reading than those coming from a professional email address. 

• Account Recovery 

A backup email should be set in place in case of any unpredicted (and unpleasant) situations arising. Many email providers indeed ask for one, as the only way to restore lost passwords would be to send password reset links to a secure email address. Security first! Even if you use one email address only for this purpose, you can be certain it won’t be wasted. 

• Temporary Email Accounts 

Many email providers offer their services for free, including some of the best of them. That fact makes things easier, especially for people who spend a lot of time online and engage in activities that can compromise their privacy. From comments to forums to queries to free ebook downloads, activities that require an email address to be provided are growing in numbers by the minute. Unless you are a masochist who likes wishing for important messages in the sea of spam, using temporary (or even disposable) email addresses might sound like a good prospect. Think in terms of testing and software trials! 

• Identity, Aliases and Anonymity 

Coming back to the topic of blogging and commenting, many people use aliases to maintain their privacy. Don’t think in terms of fishy activities here; rather, imagine a real-life situation. Do you provide your full name, address and contact info to every person you meet? The same rules apply in the online world. Contact info is fine when used for the purposes it should serve, but unfortunately registering to some services means your email address will be distributed to third parties. Speaking from experience, that usually translates into unsolicited offers landing in your inbox, and that’s the very thing business (and personal, for that matter!) email accounts are trying to avoid. 

• The Benefits of Smart Emailing 

People who use multiple email addresses for multiple purposes rarely have issues with spam messages. Or, put more precisely, they rarely get to see them because they use temporary, disposable emails when providing their email addresses to merchants and services requiring that info. To begin with, the very idea that someone would trade an ebook for an email address is incredulous, isn’t it? 


Well, all those examples should give you an idea on why using multiple email accounts is beneficial. Online shopping may have made our lives easier, but it often comes at a price.

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