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Travelling is always a lovely experience, and there can never be an end to the beautiful memories you can make. However, one thing you cannot predict is accidents that occur while travelling. Be it the loss of your passport or a minor accident, you need to be able to take care of yourself in a foreign country, especially when the medical bills are extremely high compared to India. To keep yourself protected under such circumstances, opting for travel insurance always helps. 

Religare Travel Insurance 

Choosing a good travel insurance plan is an important decision, and we make it more comfortable with our slew of benefits. With Religare’s family travel insurance, you can a cover for hospitalization and medical evacuations for any family member. The travel insurance also protects your family in the event of a mishap or any difficulties you face while travelling. Whether you’re a regular flyer or an occasional traveler, a customized travel insurance plan is essential. 

Travel insurance provides protection based on the geographical location of your destination. There are also specialized covers for international travel and the Schengen visa. Religare travel insurance ensures that you remain protected against any risks like loss of baggage or passport, delay in flight, and much more. 

Depending on what your requirements are, Religare offers different travel insurance plans. We can also give you a customized policy to cater to any special needs that you may have. 

With the help of technology, getting travel insurance is extremely easy and can be done with only a few clicks online. With Religare, you can apply for travel insurance and get it approved in just a few seconds. 

Why Get Travel Insurance? 

A lot of times, travelers make the mistake of considering travel insurance as just other expense. They keep it for the last minute and end up taking a plan without proper consideration or research. In the event of an accident, they end up not being appropriately covered by their insurer. Make sure that you do adequate research and consider different plans when picking a travel insurance plan. 

Some places abroad don’t allow you to enter the country or reject your visa application if you don’t have a proper travel insurance plan. One such country is the USA. To make sure that an unfortunate situation doesn’t affect their economy in any way, they will want to make sure that you have travel insurance that covers a minimum amount. Under such circumstances, it becomes essential to get individual or family travel insurance to USA. 

The very fact that some countries insist on you having a travel insurance plan should make it clear as to how important it is. 

Types of Travel Insurance 

Different types of travel insurance can be purchased at Religare. These include individual, student, and family travel insurance. Each policy is planned depending on the different needs various travelers have. You can also get a customized travel plan at Religare, depending on all the things that you need to be covered. 

What Makes Religare Stand Out? 

Some insurance companies don’t provide covers for a pre-existing illness. But at Religare, you can get a cover of up to 10% of the sum insured for emergency treatments even for pre-existing diseases. 

The travel insurance also covers the expenses for the loss of your passports and ensures that you can get a new one issued. It also compensates for any upgrades to business class during your return in the case of hospitalization during your travel. It also covers dental expenses and costs incurred due to life-threatening illnesses. 

When travelling in remote areas, there are chances that you can’t get the required treatment. You will need to be evacuated to another area where you can get the necessary treatment. Religare’s travel insurance also covers for these expenses, including transportation services with the necessary medical facilities present within the network. In case of accidental death, a lump sum of insurance is given to the nominee or family. 

If in case your baggage gets lost or delayed at the airport, you can get a daily allowance for your expenses depending on your insurance plan. 

The 2-way compassionate visit also covers any transportation expenses for a single immediate family member so that they can travel to the current location of the insured person. If a minor child is travelling with you, the insurance covers the return cost of the child to their home location, in the event of the parent or guardian getting hospitalized. 

Choose Religare Every Time 

Purchasing travel insurance has become easier and extremely efficient with the advent of technology. The approval of your insurance proposal is done in an extremely short while, and can also cover expenditure due to loss of passport, luggage, or more. Right from quote generation to issue of your policy, everything is done in a matter of minutes. 

Now, no matter where you are, even if you’re waiting for your flight at the airport, you can make sure that you and your loved ones are covered with Religare travel insurance.

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