4 Top Salt Lake City Corporate Event Locations

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Any discussion about food and corporate parties in Utah, the US could never be complete without a mention of Park City or St. George which is considered to be a food hub with several party hot spots and tourist attraction of repute. Park City is a prominent tourist destination usurps in the influx of tourist from all across the world. It also houses a multitude of tropical restaurants offering cuisine sourced from across different part of the globe. But Park City has now lost its sheen and luster over time as many eateries have either pulled the shutter down or moved elsewhere. The food epicenter has now moved to Salt lake city which has emerged as a business district as well. The influx of millennials working there with a reasonably high disposable income has made the place favorable for the fleet of new flamboyant restaurants to open doors out there. Extended working hours and relentless shifts day and day out goes hand in hand with good food. 

When corporate professionals settle down at a place and start making money out of its endeavor, can parties and corporate events be left behind? Hence, Salt lake is now abuzz with a lot of exotic places which can actually play a perfect host to corporate parties. Let’s take you through few of such prominent party destinations that you can consider for a corporate buffet lunch or dinner. 

1. Lucky 13 Bar And Grill 

If authentic grilled food and barbecue makes you hungry, then you should not miss out on this place, which is located at the business district of Salt Lake City This place is voted to be the one of the best in the US for offering burgers which come in varied varieties. It is one of the few places in SLC that offers buffet alongside a whole range of delicacies. 

Everything right from the appetizer to the desserts is quite sought after and curated with utmost care and deliberation. It is regarded to be one of the best buffet Salt Lake City. It is a perfect destination for corporate parties. 

2. Bombay House 

Bombay house is more than mere foods. It is all about being surrounded by the essence of being an Indian at the table which is best captured by the act serving food on the platter of warmth and courtesy of the highest order as Indian always does while playing a host to their guests. Food is usually cooked with the rich aroma of exotic spices sourced from India. The decor inside the restaurant bears the emblem, depicted artistically, perfectly epitomizing life and ethos of elementary living in India. It is one of the few places in Utah which serves dishes like Chicken Butter Masala and Chicken Tikka masala in its exquisite menu to woo people who like Indian food. 

3. Twigs Bistro And Martini Bar 

This place is fast catching up with the fancy of the working class and the tourist as well who are nocturnal and cannot resist the temptation of getting swayed away by the excitement and fun of late-night parties. This place offers a balanced compilation of eclectic foods in collaboration with a wide stock of almost everything from wine to whiskey in a wide spectrum of variety. This attribute makes this place almost inevitable and incomparable. The British colonial enigma captured in Teak wood interior and a bar place with sitting arrangements all-around can transport you back to the lounge of a royal British club in the 18th Century. Variety of foods and the elegance of decor themed in sync with Royal British era has made this place unique and one of its kind. 

4. The Roof Restaurant 

It is one of the most prominent rooftop restaurant overseeing the amazing skyline of the city, which offers a visual treat to the diners. In a celestial place which is so far from the ground below and so close to the sky up above, someone may get the feeling of floating with the clouds. The place is immensely popular for corporate parties. It's on the 10th floor, decked up with somber lighting arrangements coupled with cozy and relaxing sitting arrangements adds to the potential of the place to comfort all the senses soon after the office. The menu includes dessert buffet and sumptuous oriental cuisine from almost everywhere around the globe.

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