Travel Insurance – Do You Need It?

do i need travel insurance coverage policy traveling abroad

The answer is definitely yes! We all dream of taking a vacation that can create long-lasting family memories. However, no one thinks catastrophes might happen during a trip. As a result, most leisure travelers prefer not to spend extra money on travel insurance. 

Well, travel is already costly. We have to pay for air tickets, ground transportation, dining, shopping and entertainment, etc. We just have to cut corners here and there. So, do we really need to purchase travel insurance? Well, you have to understand that a lot can occur when you are traveling. And every minor accident might lead to a major financial loss and inconvenience. Do not live with the deluded belief that “It won’t happen to me”. In fact every traveler faces a certain amount of risk. 

Just imagine what if you were involved in a road traffic accident when taking a self-driving tour? Or get robbed? Or become sick while traveling aboard? Your auto insurance and medical plan don’t cover all the expenses incurred due to unexpected accident or illness occurred during a trip. But, travel insurance does! 

Travel Insurance Coverage 

Basically, a travel insurance policy will cover the whole time when you’re away. Common travel insurance prevents your valuable personal items from being lost or stolen, covers financial loss caused by your flight cancellation and pays for the costs of your injury or sickness. Plus, it provides extensive coverage on personal liability in case you’re sued for accidentally hurting someone else while abroad. 

Loss or damage to your luggage gets covered by a travel insurance policy as well. Extra coverage for dangerous activities like jet skiing and bungee jumping is also included. In some cases, you can also enjoy 24 hour emergency service and assistance thanks to travel insurance, without paying a penny out of your own pocket. 

Normally, not only your valuable personal items, but also yourself will be fully protected by your travel insurance policy. Just think about it. If you cannot afford potential financial losses that might occur during your vacation, then remember to purchase travel insurance for your next trip. 

Travel Insurance Buying Tips 

You know, there are always great deals available online whatever you’re going to buy. When it comes to purchasing a travel insurance policy, this is also true. Plenty of insurance companies and agents use inexpensive insurance to entice more customers. Be sure to compare travel insurance products from different companies, for example at AardvarkCompare travel insurance marketplace, to find the best deal. 

Of course, price is not the only thing you need to take into consideration. Ask for as more details as possible about a travel policy to see if it offers full coverage for you, your family and your valuable belongings. Make sure you’ve understood what will or won’t be covered by the policy before purchasing. 

You should also pay close attention to coverage limits. In general, it should be at least $1 million for personal liability and $1 million for medical treatment in Europe. When you are traveling abroad, check if your travel policy comes with destination restrictions. Besides, do remember to plan your trip in advance and buy your travel insurance at least two weeks before you set out, so that you can maximize your coverage.

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