How To Make The Most Of A Business Trip To Europe

how to make the most of business trips to Europe

Business traveling is such a rewarding yet exhausting activity. Majority of business travels are to Europe even though an increasing number are heading to Asia. There are a number of issues to keep in mind when making a business travel journey to Europe. 

There are fantastic accommodations across Europe and corporate apartments in London. In a typical travel you might encounter disrupted sleep, lack of exercise, unpredictable internet, poor food choices and run-ins with custom. Here are the top tips for your business travel. 

Prepare A Well-Planned Itinerary 

The best itinerary for business travels should first and foremost prioritize the aim of the travel. Think through the goals and the priorities or the trip. For example you might need to plan three or four appointments before leaving your country for Europe. This will ensure that you don’t travel blind. The schedule should factor in both the business as well as the social aspects of the travel. Leave enough room to account for delays and unexpected appointments. 

Prepare Your Paperwork 

Before you leave home, you have to make sure that you have all your identification documents, insurance papers, passports, needed medical cards, and any other pertinent information. You ought to leave copies of the document with a trusted relative who can be found at short notice. You also have to leave the itinerary with your next of kin. This makes it easy for you to get help in case you run into trouble during the business visit. Always walk around with duplicates rather than the originals during your entire stay. Who knows, you might want to move to Europe permanently after your visit! 

Let Technology Be Your Assistant 

Before departing for Europe, choose the gadgets and apps that you’ll need for the travel. You’ll need your laptops as well as your smartphone. You might need rental apps, a translator app, weather apps, a virtual assistant, and currency converters apps. You might also need a multipurpose router, a high capacity external battery, a power converter, and a streaming stick. The other critical travel tech items include noise-canceling headphones and an Amazon Kindle packed with eBooks, for a peaceful flight to your destination. 

Pack For A Vacation 

No matter how tight your itinerary is, there will be some downtime when you would want to let loose. That’s why you have to pack a few times (ideally in a luxurious Northwesterner Travel Bag by Wood & Faulk) for recreation and vacation. You might need dinner attire, formal wear, as well as sporting kit if you plan on exercising. You might also want casual wear for the short tours around during the downtime. You should have a camera, sunscreen, swimming attire or even a golf kit, depending on your preference. 

Prioritize New Networks

Business travels always provide ample opportunity for networking. Even if you have structured and planned meetings spare time for new networks. Connect with speakers, vendors, trade show contacts, investors and fellow attendees. Make a habit of taking photos with the new connections and also learn to do networking follow up. While you’re at it, prioritize meeting newer businessmen in your line of trade. You can write to them ahead of time and request short meetings. Find at least three new contacts whom you’ll have meaningful connection with. 

At the end of the day, business travel can only be optimized through prior planning and sticking to your itinerary. You also have to learn to brand yourself well as a thought leader or go-to person in the places you’ll visit. While you’re at it, never forget to have fun, make new friends, create business value, and make memories. Business trips are about securing deals, seeking new markets and building meaning networks.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to make the most of a business trip to Europe or other international destination. 

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