10 Simple Office Games to Boost Morale

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Up to 85 percent of employees report not being engaged at work. When office morale is low, workers are significantly less productive and engaged.

So, how can you improve your office morale and strengthen relationships between colleagues? The answer is that you can inject more fun into your office environment!

Keep reading below for our blog post on the top ten teaming-building office games which can boost your office morale. Let's get started!

1. Arrange a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt may seem like a children's game. That's until you give it a go in the office. You'll be shocked about how much fun it can be.

Setting up a scavenger hunt can be cheap and simple. You don't need to make any big arrangements before either.

Simple hide treats around the office for your staff to discover. You could even leave a few clues, such as a photograph or a riddle to keep them guessing.

You also want to encourage teamwork. Randomly split your team so the two groups can compete against each other to locate every item. 

2. Pick Names Out of a Hat

You probably end up spending more time with your work colleagues than you do with your loved ones. As a result, you get to know each other pretty well. 

Split into two teams. Write down the names of staff members on a scrap of paper and throw the names into a hat. 

One member from each team has to describe a particular colleague without saying their name or pointing to them. The team which guesses first wins!

3. Establish a Game Room in the Office

You don't have to get creative with office games. You can always establish a game room in the office.

If you have the budget for a table tennis table or a foosball table, you can be confident that your employees will be grateful. When your employees want to relax and let their hair down at work, they can head to the game room. 

However, you need to be confident that the prospect of playing games doesn't distract your staff from what they should be doing. Moreover, this may be an expensive choice. 

4. Afternoon Music Blast

It's two o'clock in the afternoon! Your employees are starting to get drowsy - this is normal! They just got back from lunch and they're struggling to focus.

This is the ideal time to blast music from your office speakers. Pick something which gets them dancing.

Encourage everyone to dance behind their office desks to keep blood flowing around the human body.

Dancing also releases endorphins, which can also lift your mood and recharge your battery after the afternoon slump. 

5. Make Lunchtime Special With Potluck

Around half of workers in the U.S. say that they don't really have a full lunchtime. Many of them eat what they brought from home at their desks.

You can turn the office lunch hour into a fun game with a potluck. Randomly allocate different dishes to members of staff to bring with them for lunch.

This can make lunch much more yummy and a team-building exercise. Everyone remembers David's delicious potato salad and Angela's tasty chocolate brownies.

If everyone brings something, nobody will be out of pocket. 

6. Laughing Yoga Before Work

Laughing and yoga are good for your mind and body. That's why combining them together can bring you dozens of benefits.

You can get a member of staff to lead the rest of the team. Just begin with clapping your hands, followed by the lion laughter pose. 

The playful exercise and deep breathing is the best way to prepare yourself for the day's work ahead of your team.

You don't even need yoga mats for this. Most of the activities can be done while standing on the spot. 

7. Making and Eating Games

The best games usually involve food at the end, right?

Since guacamole is probably one of the tastiest foods around - it makes for the perfect game to play in the office.

Your employees can compete together to be the first to make guacamole. It's a lot of fun and leaves you licking your fingertips after. 

However, you don't have to make the arrangements for making and eating games yourself. Hire a professional team to run the corporate event.

8. Get Competitive With Tug of War

Tug of war is a classic team-building activity. You only need a rope and a whole load of mud.  

Just divide your team into two and get them pulling in the opposite direction. The side that falls down is the loser.

This game is probably best to leave until the final moments of the day. You won't want to go back to your desk after getting covered in dirt.

9. Get Childish With Musical Chairs

You may not have played musical chairs since your years in kindergarten. However, it's just as fun, we promise.

Just gather together office chairs in a straight line and start the music. As employees walk around the chairs, the music will play.

Suddenly when the music stops, everyone's got to find a chair. After every round, you remove a chair. Eventually, they'll only be a few left fighting over a single chair.

10. One-Minute Speeches

Can you talk about the same subject for a whole minute without stopping?

That's the goal of the game in one-minute speeches. This a quick and simple game which you can start without any warning.

Just pick a funny topic for your colleagues to talk about. If they pause or repeat themselves, stop the clock. Then, the topic has to be passed on to the next person.

The Best Ideas for Office Games!

Improving your office morale can make the difference to your bottom line. Your workers want to have fun at work as well. 

Try out these ideas for office games to get your employees healthy and engaged with your company. You'll be shocked by the results!

Do you want more advice on how to improve your office morale? Just keep reading our blog.

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