Real Estate SEO: How to Get Your Real Estate Website to Climb the Ranks

real estate seo

Over 90 percent of real estate companies have a website, so what can you do in this evolving digital world to stand out from the competition?

Property listings only go so far when prospective home buyers already have an overwhelming amount to choose from. For realtors looking to enhance their brand awareness naturally without relying on traditional advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practical method.

Are you trying to get your real estate website to rank higher on Google and other top search engines, but are unsure where to begin? Keep reading for more information about real estate SEO.

Research Keywords

The biggest component of SEO is understanding the keywords and phrases your customers are searching for on the Internet. Finding these requires doing some homework.

Sit down and study your agency. Which specific type of realtor services do you offer that people may be typing in on search engines? Do you specialize in "property rentals" or "houses for sale" in a specific area of town?

Envision the type of phrases people are typing when they Google real estate terms. Keep in mind, however, keywords that are applicable for your business may not be as beneficial as those for a competitor realtor.

Website Optimization

Once you develop keywords to increase your real estate SEO efforts, feature them on your website. Search engines take less than a second to find requested keywords on the World Wide Web. There are multiple ways to do this.

The easiest place to start is the regular verbiage on your website. Keep your text concise, but informative. Make sure sentences read naturally without awkward phrasing from forced keywords.

You can take this a step further by publishing frequent articles. Any top real estate agency with knowledge to share should have a blog section to grow an audience. By using keywords and hyperlinking to similar sites, this will enhance your SEO presence.

Get Social with Media

Whether you have social media accounts for your real estate agency or just as a realtor, it's important to keep these fresh and relevant. Nearly 80% of the U.S. population uses social media, which means your next client is certainly using it, too.

If being short on content to post is an issue, this is a perfect place to showcase your website's blog. Have descriptive posts with keywords that will make people want to click to read more. Better yet, create hashtags unique to your agency for better branding without busting your Realtor budget.

Social media is a great method for connecting with your target audience on a personal level for realty SEO. Property listings with a generic template pasted together on a website can easily get overlooked compared to when someone's scrolling through their newsfeed.

Getting the Most Out of Real Estate SEO

Ultimately, the goal of real estate SEO is to increase your realtor rankings in a natural and organic way. Having your website appear in a top search result makes it much more reputable than being plastered on a pop-up ad. Real estate SEO is the way to achieve real ROI in the property game.

Ramp Up Your Real Estate SEO Strategy

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