What to Include in a Real Estate Marketing Plan

real estate marketing plan strategy

When you are in the business of selling homes, the market is wide open and the competition is fierce.

You will need to hustle and strategize to get real estate leads and improve your property sales. Having a well-thought-out real estate marketing plan will cut out time wasted and allow you to thrive in the business. 

But what should you include in this real estate marketing plan?

Below, we will touch on what your real estate marketing plan should include. 

The Core Components of Your Real Estate Marketing Plan

The sky is the limit with real estate, but you also need a real estate marketing plan to keep you grounded. Here are the things you should include in your real estate marketing plan to sell homes and make money on properties. 

1. Become an Avid and Skilled Real Estate Blogger

Blogging is the best thing you can do to get the word out about your real estate business. Blog content will bring your site traffic and improve your search result rankings.  

Running your blog can also help you learn SEO for real estate, which will grow your web presence and hits. When you learn how to create engaging content and include tips that help people, you should never have a problem getting people to follow your real estate blog. 

2. Create an Entire Multimedia Experience With Each Property Listing

People love home listings, so hit them hard and make an impression with some great multimedia. 

Include a virtual walkthrough and video content for each listing to help sell your properties. This lets people browse your property remotely on their own time, helping to weed out shoppers that aren't serious. 

You should also include actual blueprints with square footage so that people have an idea about how much space they are getting before scheduling a tour. 

Even if it's just you and a DSLR camera, you have to create the best multimedia possible if you want to sell a property. 

3. Always Sell Yourself and Your Properties

Real estate is essentially a 24-hour job. 

You may not actively work all of those hours, but a chance conversation at a bar or restaurant, or during an airport layover, can turn into a business opportunity. Because of this, make sure that you develop your salesmanship and personality as you learn the ropes. 

The real estate agents that do the best are the ones that aren't afraid to strike up a conversation and be personable. 

4. Have a Website That is Attractive and That Works Incredibly Well

You also need to have a well-built home base that people can go to. Work with web developers to create a site that is user-friendly and attractive. 

Include all your pertinent information and update the site regularly to improve your search engine ranking and Domain Authority. 

5. Improve Your Social Media Presence

Improving your social media should also be a long-term plan. Post every day to gain traction. 

As your company grows and you become more familiar with social media, continuously hone and adapt your strategies

Get a Handle on Your Real Estate Marketing

Having a rock-solid real estate marketing plan is one of the most important aspects of your business. The points above can help you hit any lead generation and marketing goals in realty. 

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