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Drinking water is essential for having a good health. If the water is filled with contaminants, then how will you be healthy? With each passing day, you must be hearing the news of people getting sick due to water-borne diseases. Bacteria and other gems can be present in the water which is supplied by the municipality or you get from your private well. Human beings are the constant sufferers of gastrointestinal disorders. The main cause of stomach-related problems is the contaminated water. You might be having a water filter at your place. But, do you know that the water filter cannot eliminate germs? In the present age, the homeowners often complain of hard water which is another reason of gastro-related problems. Dump the age-old water filter from your house and install Aquafresh water purifier which will give you clean and bacteria-free water for years together. Are you willing to know more about Aquafresh water purifier and its service? Keep reading through the next lines to get your answer. 

Consume Purified Water 

Whether it is a human being or an animal, every living creature on earth needs water. It is known to all people that the surface of the earth consists of 70% water. Unfortunately, the water is not appropriate for drinking, as it has countless germs, bacteria and harsh minerals which make water unsafe for drinking. Every person should consume purified water. Drinking water should be an essential part of daily routine. Is the water you drink creating health hazards in your family? If yes, then it is an alarming sign that you need to change the old water filters and get an innovative piece of Aquafresh water purifier. The water may look clean from outside. The impurities and hard minerals which are inside the water need to be eliminated with the help of the Aquafresh water purifier. 

Easy Water Purification Remedies 

There are various ways to purify water. What are they? Have a quick glance over the pointers enumerated below. 

• Filtration is one of the easy ways to get purified water. The filter can eliminate small and large compounds that exist in water. 

• The oldest method of purified water is boiling water. Boiling water at high temperature can certainly destroy germs, parasites and bacteria. 

• Many people consume distilled water which is also safe for drinking. Distilled water does not contain bacteria and germs. The negative side of the distilled water is that the purification process is under slow. 

• One of the popular ways of having purified water is to get a water purifier. It is the best and safest option to prevent yourself from harmful germs present in the water. There are many types of water purifiers in the market. Get the brand and model which is suitable for your house. 

• The reliable water purification system is the reverse osmosis (RO) which had been used only in commercial places. The demand of RO water purifiers has started making its place in every household in the current days. 

Get Customer Care Service 

You have recently seen a model of Aquafresh water purifier which you wish to purchase. Before you buy, you need some information on the product. Whom you should contact? Give a ring to the Aquafresh RO customer care number and talk with the customer care executive who will reply all your queries and clear your doubts pertaining to the water purifier. You can get the contact number of the customer care service center from the website. From giving information about the Aquafresh water purifier to installing the product, you can expect all sorts of assistance from the customer care team. They will help you assist obtain the best model of Aquafresh water purifier which will be ideal for your residence and commercial area. 

Purchase The Trusted Brand 

Day by day, the demand of water purifiers in getting high. If you delve in the market, you will get to know that there are various service providers which sell numerous brands and claim to supply the best water purifiers. It is difficult to pick a reliable service provider which sells authentic water purifiers. The only name which can guarantee you with a top class service is Aquafresh water purifier. 

You can expect to get hold of top quality water purifiers with a satisfactory service. The users of Aquafresh water purifier assures increasing rapidly these days. In case you already had a water purifier and you wish to replace it with a new model, then you have the leverage to talk with the customer care team. They will be happy to assist you whenever you are in need. Get connected to the customer care executive to know which model will be the best fit for your residence. Dial up the toll free number of the customer care service center for obtaining the quick assistance. 

Get The Optimum Service 

The Aquafresh RO customer care team can help you with a variety of services. You will be glad to sort your doubts and queries from the friendly and efficient executives who will provide services pertaining to your water purifier. Whether you wish to get your old model of RO Aquafresh repaired or you are looking for a new water purifier, then the executives are there to guide you in the best way possible. 

Types Of Services 

The Aquafresh customer care team is geared up with pre-and post-sales services to its customers. In the pre-sales service, the duty of the customer care team will be to send technicians at your place to install the water purifier and to check the quality of water in your area. In the post-sales service, the technicians will execute the maintenance service and other repair services. The best thing is you can buy RO Aquafresh water purifier online from the website. If you are thinking about how to go about the online purchase, then you have the customer care team to give you a proper guidance on this matter. 

Without wasting any time further, you should quickly buy the recommended RO Aquafresh water purifier product to enjoy clean drinking water.

RO Water Purifiers Maintenance Plans & Charges

The Annual Maintenance Contract (or AMC for short) is a yearly maintenance contract for RO purifiers. It is an agreement between the manufacturer and the owner of the purifier where all the terms and conditions for the regular service and maintenance of filtration been discussed in details and exchanged in a written format. Need for AMC Today, water pollution has been increasing quite rapidly, so it is not possible to drink pure water directly from the sources without further treatment like purification or RO purifier. Accordingly, as a consumer, you will need some specialized RO AMC plan to help you and your family gets the safe and hygienic drinking water continuously. Throughout the life cycle of any purification system, you need to take its services from a trusted source so to drink clean, hygienic, and drinkable water and avoid waterborne diseases caused by bacteria, virus, and other germs. To stay healthy and stay fit, it is essential to get a continuous supply of 100 % pure and hygienic water. 

Along with the manufacture of your RO purifier, there are plenty of other third-party vendors who welcome and offer the purification services at a reasonable service pricing. The root cause of the waterborne disease is not drinking the germs-free water, so even though when you have RO purifier installed at your premise but it not been maintained and serviced regularly it will not be able to filter the germs from the tap water and make it 100% pure. Structure of AMC In general for a purification system the basic of AMC starts with around thousand bucks, plus spares cost is additional. The standard Annual maintenance contract which includes spares as well have the price range about a couple of thousands depending upon the type of purifier. One of the vital thing in maintenance plans is the number of visits per year by a technician for regular checkups and a few emergency visits in case of any breakdown. 

In country like India where the market of water purifier has already been established with the exponential rate which means there are ample amount of consumer using the product and many are buying every single day, so it is essential consideration when purchasing reverse osmosis purifiers to ask for a proper reverse osmosis Annual contract plan that fits you as a consumer best. How to Pick AMC Plan Being a consumer of such product you should always keep few points in mind like purifiers need maintenance after a regular interval otherwise it will affect your health, so when you buy a new reverse osmosis purifier always avoid such fishing words like maintenance-free purification system. Some manufacture offers first RO AMC in the product price itself, so for the first year you will not have to spend anything on reverse osmosis annual maintenance contract plan but that will not going to the case always, keep in mind. 

The Online reverse osmosis service provider has expert repair services based on many years of experience and vast technical knowledge in dealing with a wide variety of equipment’s and water purifier system services. So when a consumer asks for the Annual Maintenance Contract, they will get full assistance in annual maintenance services for all types of water filters of ro purifier. A qualified RO maintenance service technician is sent to the customer place regardless of the nature of RO that is commercial, domestic, or industrial applications. If You Are a DIY However if you like a geek person who know how to do things on own like a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) kind of person, then of course it will help in saving money, but try your hand only when you exactly know what you do otherwise you may end up messing things up and getting algae in your water filter. There are some parts in RO water purifier which may need to be replaced once in every four-to-six months. 

When you have a subscription to some plan cost of spares are included in the RO AMC charges depending on the type of AMC. But when you do this on yourself, you can either find the required parts like cartridges and other either online or from any different local market. The other popular type of reverse osmosis Purifier maintenance & repair service, which is called third-party AMC offers a complete solution for any brand any water purifier. These providers generally offer their services in different categories just like manufacture, but the parameters and terms and conditions change providers to providers. The reverse osmosis AMC plan is widely appreciated by customers of different backgrounds acknowledging the need and importance of this service. Whether the consumer chooses the RO plan of the third party service providers or the manufacture, it must be carried out by a trained and highly experienced professionals using the best grade plumbing and filtration tools and advanced technology. So the provided service is carried out excellently. Moreover, the service can be availed to customers at the most reasonable price. 


According to the RO Care India, an Annual Maintenance Contract plan is essential for all kinds of purification system because of periodic maintenance of filter system you can maintain the optimum efficiency of your purifier. Regular AMC plan is also beneficial for the life of the filtration system. Thus purchasing it can be the best idea for water purifiers and keeping your water extra pure.

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