Things You Shouldn’t Do On Your Business Card

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You probably know what you need to put on your business card. Your contact information such as your name, your business name, your phone number, your email address and business website are essential. A logo or image of some sort is essential for the creative professional, whereas someone in a conservative industry like finance or law may only use a minimalist text based business card. 

Here are a few things you shouldn't do on your business card if you want to leave the right impression. 

Put Your Own Picture On The Business Card 

If you are a photographer, you want to show off your work with the business card. However, this isn't the place to paste your personal portrait. Unless you are trying to sell yourself as a model, it makes you look like you are selling yourself instead of your services. After all, are you trying to take their photo or your own? Use your best work instead 

Put Too Many Images On The Business Card 

The best websites have one or two related, high quality images on the page. They do this so that the visitor has a clear visual impression of what the content will be without being overloaded. The same is true of your business card. You shouldn't stuff four logos or half a dozen thumbnail images on the business card. It distracts from the key purpose of the business card — conveying your contact information to potential clients. 

This is why having your social media profile link on the business card where they can view your portfolio online is valuable. It is also why business cards templates typically limit you to one or two spots for uploaded graphics. 

It is better to have a visually engaging website that the client will see when they go there to book an appointment. A side benefit of this approach is that you can change out the images on the website and have high quality graphics and video there without having to worry about the quality of the printed photo on the business card 

There is another reason not to put too many images or graphics on the business card, and that's readability. No client should have to hunt for your important contact information. And when you have multiple logos and images on the business card, you dramatically increase the odds a final digit of your phone number is illegible because it bumps up against something else. 

Any Gimmicks 

You're a creative professional. Little touches like neon color, gold foil, raised logos and so forth are perfectly acceptable. If you are a wedding photographer, business cards that look like wedding invitations or a tuxedo and wedding dress set are a point in your favor. Where things fall apart are the business cards that get too gimmicky. For example, embedded holograms and mini-brochures go too far. Non-traditional sizes will hurt you, too. 

For example, a business card that is a little bigger than normal doesn't conveniently fit into someone's wallet or purse. Even if they want to hold onto it, they are more likely to lose it. Business cards that are printed on foil or other unusual materials are more likely to be lost because the person didn't want to add it to the pile on their desk.

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