5 Best Waitlist Apps for Restaurants

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There is no worse feeling for a manager than an angry customer waiting forever to get into your restaurant. 

Being caught in that situation, helpless as you watch the discontentment spread to every other customer, is a death sentence for the business.

Restaurants are in luck! There is an app for anything and now your waiting list has one too.

Here are some of the best waitlist apps that can help your business flow.

Waitlist Apps for Your Hangry Customers

The success of a good restaurant is from each and every area working in a smooth and clean fashion. 

Every hiccup and delay can throw off every other area, from the kitchen staff to the cleaning crew.

The last thing you want is a pileup of delays to start to imprint into negative reviews and lost business.

These 5 apps have proven themselves to be both steady and easy to use to keep your waitlist ready and able. 

1. NextMe

NextMe is a great example of the pinnacle of appointment waitlist management apps. 

NextMe offers the whole spectrum of useful traits for waitlist management. It has a very intuitive interface that allows for easy use on the business end with no extra demand from customers.

It can track repeat customers, books well in advance as needed, and even allows you to showcase menu options and other storefront details to the customers while they wait.

2. Harbortouch

Harbortouch gives you a very comprehensive all-in-one POS system, which allows you to run the waitlist and more from one app.

It integrates with an online system for easy reservations. Customers can pay and settle everything in advance in one clean motion.

3. QLess

For the guests on the go, QLess allows for a very fluid system of updates and management.

QLess can work with any number of mobile devices, the restaurant's website, or an in-store kiosk.

The app updates the customer on the status of their place in line and tells them when their table is ready. This is perfect for restaurants built around shopping areas, giving the customer more freedom as they wait.

4. Table's Ready

Table's Ready is an app that is for those who want a simple system that works.

For restaurants that have not invested in complex pager systems and not up for the task of a big management tool, Table's Ready keeps it nice and easy.

Customers can sign up for a reservation on their app and Table's Ready gives you a simple timer and messaging system. This lets the customer get all the info they need on their phone without too much fuss on the management end.

5. On Cue

For the restaurants that already have that nice paging system, On Cue is a great investment.

On Cue integrates into any paging system. They take all the mobile information from the app, including customer reservations and comments, and brings them right into the standard paging system.

This top restaurant mobile app also includes time tracking, status indication, and customizable text. 

Keeping the Line Running

All of these waitlist apps can give you a quality helper in the already hectic restaurant service. 

Today there are so much convenient and quality services that you can find in quality restaurant apps. No need to wait when you have the top wait list mobile applications at your disposal on your smartphones!

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