Increase Your SEO Rankings By Optimizing Your Webpage Delivery Speed!

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Nothing annoys a user than a webpage that loads very slowly. A user would prefer to abandon the search efforts than subjecting himself to a mind-numbing slow website. With the availability of high-speed internet and data packs to select from, there is no reason you should rely on the webpage that loads in a terribly slow speed and always lag while loading. 

If you are thinking what is a webpage speed? Well! Then to explain in simple terms, age speed is the time taken by a web page to get displayed and load its content. Faster the webpage loads, better the user experience. According to some survey, more than 50% of website accesses are abandoned, when the page takes more than 4 seconds to load. And why not? Time is very precious for all, so why waste time on a website takes a lot of time to display. Webpages that loads faster earn more ad revenue than those sites that takes a lot of time to get loaded. 

Because of the demand of audience requirement of high speed, Google announced page speed as one of the most important factors for deciding the SEO ranking. So, even if you have optimized your website for search relevance on some of the major search engines if your website has speed issues, then you will find difficulty in getting higher rankings. A good SEO agency Melbourne can help you in optimizing your webpage delivery speed. Google has launched a tool that will assist in offering better insights on how you can optimise your website speed. It performs an analysis of your website speed and offers tips on how you can enhance the speed of your website. Let's have a look at how you can optimize the speed of your webpage. 

Try To Avoid Those Landing Page Redirects That Are Not Required

Redirection occurs when a user is trying to load a page with an URL but is taken to another site with a little different address. Unnecessary redirection enhances the amount of time taken by a page to get load. Although you cannot avoid it completely but make sure your users are facing fewer delays. 

Minification Of Your Webpage Code

This can be achieved by elimination of unnecessary codes from your page. Remove those codes that don't have any effect on looks of your webpage. You can reduce spaces or comments, which are usually a line of codes that is ignored by your browser. 

Browser Caching

It is one of the methods through which the browser of a user downloads very fewer data. By enabling browser caching, it becomes possible for you to lay down a specification on the amount of time the browser can keep images and other such files on your visitors device. This step is very useful for those visitors who visit your website very frequently or for those websites containing several pages with the same files. 

Compress Images 

Another easy way to optimise your webpage speed is by ensuring that all media files like images, video is present in a compressed format like jpegs, .png etc. 

Cut Down On The Ads 

In addition to the above things some other things also contribute to the slow speed of your webpage. When your websites have too many advertisements, then it contributes largely to the slow loading time of your website. The page themes that are highly elaborated also a major factor of your website loading time. 

Strengthen Your SEO

So, by now you must have understood how important your page speed for your SEO rankings is. The second delay in loading time can result in a 20% loss in page views, thus having a detrimental effect on your SEO. If you are searching for some assistance to increase your webpage speed, then lookout for some of the best SEO agency Melbourne offering website optimizing services at affordable prices.

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