How Online Food Delivery Apps Make Money

how online food delivery apps make money restaurant mobile applications

As we have entered a new decade, the power of the internet is expanding. Just like other things, online food delivery apps are getting popular on the internet. Well, there is a common question among people; how an online food delivery app make money? 

You see, there are various ways someone can make money online. If you are someone who wants to create a food delivery app, then you need to know about it. It will be helpful for your app development or food service industry business. 

In this article, we will cover ten ways that most online food delivery apps make money. We will also cover few considering factors you should follow. Make sure you are reading this article carefully to learn how restaurant and food delivery mobile apps can be monetized. 

How Food Delivery Apps Make Money 

As we mentioned before, there are many ways you can make money from an online food delivery app. In the following, we are explaining ten ways that most online food delivery apps make money. Let’s find out. 

1. Presenting Restaurant On Your Platform 

One of the most common ways many food delivery apps implement to make money is from presenting a restaurant. In fact, this way could be very valuable. In simple words, a restaurant likes to spend a lot of money, so their food menu could be at the top of the list. You can charge these restaurants extra to provide this service. 

2. Commission On Food Orders 

Well, this is the most common way food apps make money from the internet. Hench, if you are creating a basic food delivery app, commission on food orders could be beneficial. Either you can set the commission at a fixed rate or percentage. Also, you can negotiate commissions with different restaurants, so you can get more profit from your app. 

3. Convenience Charge 

Another great way that most online food delivery apps get profits is convenience charge. Well, you are not only going to charge a commission on restaurants for the food menu. The convenience charge is something that your customers have to pay when they are ordering foods via your app. However, convenience charges are mostly minimal. So, your customers would not mind paying it. 

4. Payment Gateway Charges 

Well, this process is not going to give you an extra profit. However, you can save a lot from payment gateway charges. You can negotiate payment gateway companies to lower the fee as you will get a lot of transactions. This way, many food delivery apps avoid extra charges and it could be beneficial for you too. 

5. Delivery Charges 

The delivery charge is another good way to get some extra cash. Well, it happens when you are tying up restaurants that don’t hire delivery staff. In that case, you can convince them to use your delivery service. Well, you can hire a delivery company and fix a charge as per your requirement. So, the restaurant has to pay the delivery charge for each order. 

6. Advertising 

You see, many food delivery apps use third-party ad networks for advertising. Well, it could be very beneficial and improve your profit if you have a huge number of users. However, you have to find a reliable ad network that pays good, so you can earn a good profit. Also, make sure you are not placing ads that are irritating your users. 

7. Marketing Campaigns 

The marketing campaign is another way many food delivery apps make money. In simple words, you will start campaigns from some restaurants and they will pay you for that. You see, many restaurants don’t have time to handle social media and ad campaigns. So, you can collaborate with them. So, start finding these restaurants that will pay you for marketing campaigns. 

8. SMS Marketing 

Just like marketing campaigns, SMS marketing is another profitable way to make money from your food app. There are many service providers that offer bulk SMS services at a very reasonable price. You can purchase them and tie-up with restaurants to provide customized text messages. This way, you can promote both your business and your partnered restaurants to a bigger audience. 

9. Subscription Earning 

Well, there are many food delivery apps that provide a subscription-based service. It could be beneficial for earning an extra profit. You can also provide a subscription service, so your customers can get extra benefits. Also, you have to make two different plans for your users. Make sure you are giving various benefits to your subscribers such as an extra discount, coupons, and free delivery. 

10. From Hardware Selling To The Restaurant 

This is a bit different way than others. When you are creating a food delivery app, your partnered restaurants need potential hardware to access everything. In that case, you can sell this hardware at a very reasonable price to that restaurant including tablets, thermal printers, and inventory management software. 

Things To Consider Before Starting A Food Delivery App 

Well, you know now how these food delivery apps work. If you are thinking about creating a food delivery app or collaboration, then you have to consider some factors. In fact, it could be helpful if you want to attach your restaurant with a food delivery app. Let’s find out about these factors: 

● When you are choosing a third-party advertising partner, make sure they are clear about their agreement. You have to choose a reliable ad network. 

● Most online food delivery apps design a simple payment gateway. So, if you want to generate revenue from the payment gateway, you have to design a user- friendly interface. 

● Finding ideal restaurants is also essential for your food delivery app. Make sure you are collaborating with well-known restaurants. On the other side, if you are a restaurant owner, you also have to find a trusted and popular food delivery app. 


A food delivery app could be very beneficial for your earnings potential. Finally, you know how online food delivery apps make money. There are many ways other than that for how a restaurant delivery mobile application can be helpful. If you want to know more regarding this topic, make sure you are doing your research on the top food delivery mobile applications in the food service industry.

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