A Guide To Using IBC Totes

stainless steel ibc totes intermediate bulk containers

The advantages of an IBC tote rental program are the same as those of the stainless steel intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). Luckily, the program does not come with a large initial IBC tote capital outlay. Rent IBC totes to solve the following problems: 

• Limited capital budget dollars available 
• Unused totes that waste valuable dollars and space 
• Intermittent fluctuations in production 
• Unanticipated special orders 

You can get high-quality IBC containers from the right IBC tote rental program, and you do not need the capital investment necessary to purchase IBC totes. Remember, it is easy and quick to rent IBC totes. It is common to see the IBCs in a few days. It does not take weeks to see them. According to Verde Trader you should not buy stainless steel IBC totes. Instead, rent them. Renting them comes with several benefits. Here are the top 6 reasons to rent IBC totes: 

1. Conserve Capital 

A large capital outlay is not necessary to use these containers. Your company can rent them because of the low monthly rates and no down payment. Renting them gives your company more cash resources for financing long-term growth. 

2. Immediate Results 

It can take minutes to set up stainless steel tote rental programs, so you can use your IBC totes today. You will never have to wait for available capital when you rent containers. 

3. Eliminate Non-Working Assets 

You will not have to worry about not utilizing your stainless steel totes when you rent IBC totes. Once you are done with the tanks, you just return them. 

4. No More Obsolete Equipment 

These containers will never become obsolete, so you will not have to deal with them becoming obsolete. Rent IBC tote tanks because they come with the latest technologies and equipment. However, purchasing them can leave you with outdated equipment. 

5. Budget Flexibility 

It is easy to rent high-quality stainless steel IBC totes. Renting them saves you money. The cost savings can lower your overall costs and increase your productivity on your short-term and long-term projects. 

6. Tax Benefits 

One of the operating expenses is the money you spend to rent stainless steel intermediate bulk containers. You will get more tax benefits from renting totes. However, purchasing totes leads to depreciation expenses.

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