Tips For Building A Great COMING SOON Landing Page

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A coming soon landing page is not only an indication of work in progress, it is also a way to get your potential customers on board, even before your product is out in the market. A good ‘coming soon’ landing page is convincing enough and ensures the prospects of the product value. Designing your own landing page is not a tough task anymore. Using a landing page builder you can design an irresistible ‘coming soon’ page that will not only persuade the customers into positively reacting to your call to action but also would make them want to get their hands on the product or service you are offering! 

Things To Remember When Making Your ‘Coming Soon’ Page 

Whilst coming soon pages can be easily made with a graphic description of your product/service, there’s more than what meets the eye. Here are a few things to remember when you are designing your coming soon landing page. 

1. Research Your Market 

Before you start designing your coming soon page, understand what the existing competition is doing, and which specific aspects of your product or service need to be highlighted. Understanding your market will require market research on the preferences of your target customers. 

For example, if your target market is price sensitive and demands maximum quality for competitive prices, and if your product falls under that category, then design your Coming Soon page with the central idea of a number of features offered at a very competitive price. If there is a Unique Selling Point to your product and/or service, then you should emphasize the design to highlight it. 

The whole point of a coming soon page is to entice customers to sign up and thus create a database of potentially interested consumers. This can only be done if you show you can solve a problem or understand their pain point. 

If the target market can be explored within your friends and relatives, it would be a great idea to try to understand their perspective and involve them in your landing page designs, because they speak for your consumers. 

2. Start Early 

The coming soon landing page should be built and online as soon as possible to generate a good number of leads. Getting a channel of communication set up with your prospects is a great way to reach out to them and deliver targeted promotions to generate sales. This can only be fruitful if done in a reasonable volume. 

The biggest challenge of a new landing page is getting traffic. Various factors affect the success of a landing page, and one cannot pinpoint one specific factor as different things work for different sites. It is always a method of trial and error. Therefore, the sooner the page goes online, the better it is for experimenting with various methods of generating site traffic. It will not only give an idea of what works and what doesn’t but also leave you with sufficient time to cash in on the factors that really work with promising conversions! 

3. Your ‘Coming Soon’ Page Is All About Signing Up! 

Your ‘coming soon’ landing page is primarily to get your prospects to sign up for your product/service. It goes without saying that your call-to-action must be very convincing and clear. This means, whilst blending in with your design subtly, it should also be impactful enough to compel your visitors to leave their details with you. Talking about details, a user is less likely to sign up if you demand too much detail from them. Make sure you only ask for details that are specifically necessary and allow for an easy sign-up experience. 

A Coming Soon page, in our opinion is supposed to have a very planned approach. An impactful headline will grab attention. According to, 90% of visitors who read the headline, also read the call to action. This means that a powerful headline equals work half done! The other half is to have great Copywriting and Graphics that are convincing enough to convert the leads. A detailed description of your product can be held back if it proves futile in lead generation. Only relevant and convincing details must become a part of your ‘coming soon’ landing page. 

A way to making a call to action work for you is by making it rewarding. It can be a small thank you or a free video, you can pick your choice of how you want to engage with your prospects. But regardless of what you choose for landing page media, you need to make sure it converts visitors into leads that you can close as sales in the future.


A ‘Coming Soon’ landing page is your opportunity to showcase the potential of your product or service. An easily navigable landing page that convinces the visitor to leave details, is what must be targeted. A short and sweet message that creates a buzz and precisely shows how it helps the visitors make their lives better, will ensure conversions, and thus the success of the landing page!

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