Top 4 Website Plugins And Extensions For SEO

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When it comes to deciding SEO strategy for any business or website, it is recommended to choose products that offer various plugins and extensions to optimize your website in search engines. But, it isn’t enough to know different search engine optimization techniques to improve your company’s online presence. Rather, you should have a better understanding of the recommended extensions and plugins for enhancing your website. In this article, you will come across some top plugins and extensions for SEO (aside from Yoast, which is the most common), which you can consider for your business. So, let’s discuss the importance of enabling these additional features to achieve higher ranking for your site on the first page of SERPs. 

Why Plugins & Extensions Are Essential To Website SEO? 

A majority of online users make use of websites in order to sell, purchase or search for products and services. Hence, if you are running any website for business purpose or to showcase your talents or resources, SEO is a must. However, if you are not tech-savvy or don’t have much leisure time, it's not possible to monitor your website consistently. So, in your absence, many new updates, tasks or any other technical changes can take place on your site. This is why developers have introduced top plugins  for search engine optimization and the best extensions for SEO in order to trace all the ongoing activities on websites. 

With the help of these SEO plugin tools, you will receive continuous support for improving your website and boost its online ranking. When Google ranks your page, it takes multiple aspects into consideration before placing your website over another. This can include its overall content, presentation, URL structure, themes, title and inbound, outbound links. Hence, by selecting the best extensions and plugins, most of the SEO-related tasks can become quick and easier. 

List of Top Plugins and Extensions for SEO Recommended for Business Websites

In order to know the top plugins and extensions for SEO, you can check the following products available for business website owners. 

1. SEO TextOptimizer 

This free SEO extension is an effective tool for those who are looking for a solution to deal with content management. With the help of SEO TextOptimizer, you will be able to estimate the quality of the texts on your site. It will also suggest the necessary changes, which will help the search robots to find your website and analyze the content. Its biggest advantage is that you don’t have to be an SEO expert to operate this extension. Hence, anybody can make use of this tool to improve the content on the website and boost its online rank.

2. BuiltWith 

BuiltWith is a free SEO tool, which can determine the type of website you are visiting along with its built-in features. So, its purpose is to assist web developers, designers, and digital marketing experts to analyze the underneath technology used by the pages. Hence, with this extension, you can get all the necessary information regarding your visited sites and fetch ideas for your website. By enabling the BuiltWith plugin, it will help you to track information regarding the standard of documents and content delivery network. It also offers details of hosting, advertising, site analytics, frameworks, widgets, and publishing. 

3. SEOquake 

If you consider the free plugin of SEOquake, it can help with the analysis of your important SEO metrics. So, by utilizing this tool, it will enable the users to perform functions like backlink analysis, SEO audit and more. Hence, a majority of SEO professionals prefer this plugin for obtaining a comprehensive SERP analysis. It also suggests key metrics that can help your website to become popular on social media platforms and search engines. 

4. Serpstat Plugin 

This extension tool is one of the top free plugins for users and it helps to analyze pages by following proper SEO algorithms. With Serpstat Plugin, you can get various critical details regarding any website you desire to open. It includes information like the traffic count, popular keywords, and the visibility factor. It also suggests the top ten keywords on your site, which can boost its rank on search engines. Overall, this plugin provides exclusive tabs for analyzing the pages and domain along with On-page SEO. By installing Serpstat Plugin, you can determine how your page is performing on Google, Bing, Moz, SEMrush, Ahrefs, or Alexa Rank. Users will also be able to know what is their website’s loading time. They will receive notification on how many shares their pages have got on various social networks. 

Plug It In And Extend Your SEO

Now you know the top plugins and extensions for SEO for WordPress websites. There are many other tools for site owners in order to improve their website‘s content, navigation, and user’s experience. If you want some more information on the plugins and extensions, you can consult with search engine optimization professionals. They can suggest products for optimizing your business’s site for search engines and enhance its rank.

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