Significance Of Mobile Applications In Business Events

significance mobile apps business events

Events have been an emerging marketing tool since major changes came into business procedures and process. It has become the primary source of income for companies. Through events, businesses enhancing their sales, services and the bonding with clients. Organizations generating billions of dollars from the event industry. Roundabout, $380 billion dollars had generated by businesses merely in UK and USA. Other international markets also producing enormous benefit from it. Companies spending their 30% budget to organize a successful event. Although, it is expensive more than developing a new product, for getting success in business you have to organize a flourishing event. The business held several kinds of events for brand identity and abound results such as business event and meeting, business conference and exhibition booth, trade show and product lunch event etc. 

Technology played a vital role in the business industry. It changed the traditional ways of doing business and invented profitable methods and techniques as well as make business impeccable. Also, makes the great impact on acquiring success in the event. It divulges the pristine aspects of events for organizers. 

Mobile technology is the next shape of existing technology. Which is overcoming strongly on communication issue and playing a major role in industries for this purpose. Furthermore, at least, 6.3 billion peoples have been utilizing mobile technology worldwide. Although the world whole population is 7.5 billion. International telecommunication union anticipated that in the near future, mobile technology will be the primary and key source of connectivity between peoples and their goals. Even they announced the “Everyone connectivity day” on behalf of mobile technology. It keeps the businessman update and connects with his business while travelling. It makes him able to take the work report from their employees and check the business productivity and sales report. As we already described, it has been making breakthrough impacts on different industries for increasing their business sales and service, although, the relationship with the client. It also makes the business immaculate and finished embellished situations for businesses. In the modern world, companies’ success nails with the mobile technology deployment in companies procedures and eventually, it drastically whetted the business with the enmeshing and magnificent profit. 

Attendee’s engagement has been making an event successful throughout its inception. Therefore, audience interaction is a key factor for event organizers. Businesses used numerous tech tools to make it happen, but the most effective and powerful tech devices are iPad. Innovation in technology modified the mobile and convert it into iPad which have diversity features options. In short, it is the next shape of mobile technology and companies has been utilizing iPad extensively in their events for intriguing prospects. Therefore, it is comparatively better to elaborate the iPad apps rather than the mobile. 

Moreover, iPad apps values are substantially immense for the contender’s interaction in the event. It takes the businesses to out of the box and explores the conceal opportunities for success. Therefore, the first step towards the positive event, you need to provide the iPad to your every guest. For this purposes, usually, business hired the iPad from iPad hire companies instead of buy and used it in events for keep the audience engaged. 

We are going to describe the impacts of iPad apps on audience in business event: 

- Apple Map 
- Ease Check-in 
- Whova—Conference & event App 

Apple Map 

Must integrate the Apple app in the event for attendees, because in case of an international audience who will join your event, through app map, they will able to subtle the event venue or location. Finding an event location without any headache will make the thrive impact on the audience. Apple map will give the unique and immersive experience to the guests as well as it is an eminent aspect for the audience. 

Ease Check-In 

Event registration represents 50% of event success according to event experts and professionals. Also at the time of event check-in, attendees registered themselves. In the past, registration was a very painful and inferior procedure. Peoples have to wait long while standing in the queue of registration. Therefore, most of the events failed due to this reason. But through the ease check-in app, it became simple and convenient. Attendees will get many facilities if the event organizer integrates it. For example, the individual will get “guest notification” in the shape of pop up when the guest or expert will arrive. 

Whova—Conference & Event App 

Attendee’s engagement in the event should the primary focus of the event organizer. Now methods of getting attendees attention have become improved. This business tablet app creates the immersive communicating and collaborating network among audience and organizations. It makes the audience able to share information, data, knowledge and detail about sessions with one another. 

But again you need iPad to use this app, it is urged for small companies who can’t afford the iPad at for their attendees, they should take the iPad on rent from iPad rental companies and used in their events for fascinating and massive expected result from audience. 

Attendium & Birdbrain 

These two iPad business app integration are very essential for event, conference and meetings. The purpose of these apps is to utilize social media for audience engagement. Social media has become a famous and intense marketing tool which has been deploying by companies widely across the world. Approximately, 4 billion people had connected with one another through online, it played a key role to make the world global village. So the incorporation of social media in the event keeps the audience engaged. 

For this purpose, companies used social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Successful event coordinator starts the event Twitter hashtag for sharing data and information with others as well as for direct communication with the audience in an effective way. Facebook also have versatile features options social platform. Organizers used Facebook live stream feature in their event for live streaming, which makes audience able to watch their live activities during the event. Attendium & Birdbrain are perfect apps for contender’s involvement in events with social media.

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