6 Top Contact Form Plugins On WordPress Websites

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Undeniably, a Contact Us page is one of the significant parts of a website. It not just makes the communication part easier, but also provides a chance to your customers to come with their queries and doubts anytime they want. 

The entire inkling of putting a contact us page could be as old as the inkling of having a website for the business. However, throughout the years, the technique and design of this page have transformed tremendously, especially with the influx of contact forms. 

Contact Is Key

Earlier, website owners were publishing email IDs and other contact details on this page. This technique brought more spams than genuine queries or doubts. Thus, contact forms are meant to keep you at bay from spammers, security threats, and even keep your website friendly enough for users. 

And, if you are using WordPress as the platform for your website, you have the freedom to explore premium WordPress plugins that can help you display contact forms easily and elegantly. These plugins can even turn out to be multi-purpose and can help you communicate, collect data, and gather feedback from customers. 

Why Should You Use A Contact Form? 

Regardless of the domain, you are dealing in; your website does need to contact us page. Whether you go traditional by displaying your contact details or you adopt the modern technique of putting a contact form, the choice is yours. 

If you choose to go with the latter, you can find a variety of plugins that would cater to your need. With the help of contact forms, website visitors surely have an easy time getting in touch with you. Unlike other methods, your visitors wouldn’t have to go a step extra to write a mail in their inbox and then send you the query. 

Rather, they can simply jot down everything on the single page and submit it easily. Besides, a convenient plugin will even allow you to integrate the contact form with other sales tool or email marketing platforms so that you can add contacts to your list and arrange for automatic responses. Before going to variety of contact of form plugins, You can also check other wonderful plugins for different task like WordPress survey plugin or Plugin for Privacy policy page generation

How To Choose The Right Contact Form? 

Just so you should know, not every other contact form plugin is created in the same manner. Since every other plugin comes with its own advantages and drawbacks, it is important to understand which one will be a better choice for you. Also, before diving into these features, make sure you have your requirements sorted. 

● Features: 

A good and compatible contact form plugin should have variety in terms of style and design. And, it should let you create different types of forms, such as contact forms, user registration forms, payment forms, subscription forms, and more. 

● Easy to Use: 

Another thing to look into a contact form builder is its intuitive user interface. Thus, even if you are not a tech-savvy, it should still make the process easier. 

● Mobile Friendliness: 

Of course, you are going to make your website mobile friendly, right? Therefore, you wouldn’t want your contact form to stand out from other elements on the website and that too, in a bad way. So, make sure that the plugin responsive and can work on every device and platform. 

● Free or Not Free: 

While there are plugins that are free of cost, there are some such as well that comes with a specific cost. So, this is what you would have to decide upon. You can gauge features of both kinds of plugins and then make a decision. 

● Customer Support: 

And then, you should also look out for such a plugin that comes from a reputed and well-known team of developers. Not just they should be updating the plugin periodically but should also be providing proper customer service as well. 

6 Top Plugins To Implement Contact Forms On WordPress Websites: 

1. WP Forms 

Those who are just starting with the contact form, WPForms is one of the best plugins to assess. Developed with an intention to make the process powerful and easy for you, this plugin has everything you might be looking for. 

Being a user-friendly plugin, this one offers a drag and drop method to create different types of forms. Also, if you want to try a free version, you can install WPForms Lite from the directory of WordPress. On the other hand, if you want to invest in the premium version, you can get extended functionality. 

With a premium version, you can get features like payment forms, multi-page forms, email subscription forms, order forms, and more. Moreover, other features include smart conditional logic, signature feature, geo-location, user-submitted content, form abandonment, pre-made templates, login and user registrations, and more. 

2. Ninja Forms

Another considerable option is Ninja Forms, available in both free and premium versions, this one is rich in features and can provide you with something more than better functionality and elegant contact forms. 

With this one plugin, you can play around with your Contact Us page by adding subscription forms, surveys, and much more on it. This plugin can even handle your form submission management from your dashboard. 

This one also has a drag-and-drop interface to simplify the process. What’s more, it even offers a variety of customization options. You can even specify email notifications whenever a person submits a form. 

3. Gravity Forms 

In the department of forms, this one is surely a well-known and considerable plugin to have. If you are looking forward to having something more than contact form functionality, you can select this one. 

With Gravity Forms, you can create multi-page forms, which are great for surveys. Not just that, but you can even put a restriction on user entries if you want. You can even schedule your forms if you want them to be displayed within a specific time slot. 

This plugin offers more than thirty inbuilt fields to add in a form. Thus, you can build quite a fascinating form for your visitors. Another considerable feature is Conditional logic. It helps you set up the form in such a manner where it can show or hide certain sections, fields, and buttons. 

4. Contact Form 7

In the repository of WordPress, this is one of the most popular contact form plugins that you can get. Running and active on millions of websites, the customization and simplicity of this plugin attract users the most. 

With this one plugin, customizing and managing different contact forms is nothing less than a breeze. Contact Form 7 even allows you to have a contact form up and to run on the website just within seconds. 

As per your own requirements, you can modify the mail content. One great thing about this plugin is that it has a clean interface, which makes working with other tools and plugins an easy job. Thus, you wouldn’t have to face any obstacles with this top WordPress contact form plugin. 

5. Get A Quote 

Get A Quote for WordPress plugin adds a quotation form on your WordPress website. Users who are interested in your services can fill this form to submit a Request for Quotation(RFQ) for your services. 

As soon as the user fills out and submit the form, he/she receives an email regarding the successful submission of the form. Merchants can then send the quotation(manually) to the customer through the channel they like. And they can change the quotation’s status accordingly. WordPress website admins can also add multiple statuses and services using this plugin. 

With our Get A Quote for WordPress plugin you can: 

- Add a quote form on your website 
- Notify customers for their quote submission through emails 
- Enable/Disable your quotation form fields 
- Enable/Disable service and quote status taxonomy 
- Add different statuses for your quotation 
- Choose what page to redirect users to after quote form submission 

6. Jetpack Contact Form 

If you are still stuck in a dilemma finding the best WordPress contact forms plugin, you can consider using Jetpack. This plugin provides several considerable features that you may not get inbuilt in your WordPress website. Right from stats, extra widgets, social comments, email subscription tools, to post sliders, and more – everything can be handled. 

With this plugin on your WordPress website, you can add any kind of contact form to any post or page on your website. You can even customize email notifications, reorder fields, prevent spam comments, customize the appearance. 

Not just that, but you can even include redirect links and text for the submit button of the form to provide an amazing experience to your website visitors

Make Contact On WordPress Websites

Now that the 6 top WordPress plugins are in front of you, it is the time to choose the best one to find a great solution for contact form problems. Before anything else, know your requirements and needs. Once done, you can then go through these contact form options and find a plugin that would complement your website requirements.

Sanjeev Pandey is Digital Marketing Executive at Hummingbird Web Solutions Private Limited. He loves everything about WordPress and marketing. He is always in search of new marketing tools and constantly learns and experiments new marketing techniques for WP website and WordPress.com blogs.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the top WordPress website plugins when it comes to contact forms and submission web pages.

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