Marketing Your Transport Business To Hotel Customers

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Hotels are a valuable resource when it comes to marketing all kinds of services. Take a look in the foyer the next time you visit a hotel and you will likely see all kinds of local businesses advertised. Sometimes you don’t even need to visit the hotel you can often find local services/ businesses advertised on the hotel’s website. 

Transport businesses, in particular, can really benefit by taking a more active interest in hotels. By focusing on hotel transport you can market your services more to a whole new group of customers. Think about it like this let’s say you run a transport business like a taxi firm in London. 

You will likely get plenty of customers every day but while London is big you can easily get new customers by targeting people who are visiting the city. And where are people visiting London going to be staying in the majority of circumstances? 

Hotels really are a great resource for transport businesses and you can successfully market yourself to hotel customers in a number of ways. To help with that below I’ve listed some marketing tips to help you attract tourists/ visitors staying in hotels. 

Have An Online And Physical Presence 

People staying in hotels will likely need transport services they might be visiting on holiday, business or for other personal reasons. It doesn’t really matter why they are visiting you should be sure to have a presence in hotels on both their websites and in the buildings themselves if possible. 

Contact local hotels and ask if they can add your details to their local services page. Many hotels will have a page or similar page like this on their website, you might be charged a fee but they might also add you for free. 

You should also utilise some traditional print marketing like posters and flyers and drop them off at local hotels. Hotel foyers usually have racks for local information and brochures and this is a great way to advise your transport services. 

Target All Kinds of Visitors 

Like I mentioned above people can stay in a hotel for all kinds of reasons and if you are offering transport services you should try to target all kinds of customers. People might simply want a taxi or hire car to travel around on their stay or they might want to go to the airport when they leave the hotel. 

Market your services to all kinds of tourists by keeping your advertising relatively general in nature. This way you can better capture the attention of all kinds of people. Don’t worry though you can still highlight parts of your service to prioritise certain areas and attract certain groups you just need to be a little more subtle about it. 

market transport business hotel customers

Tailor Your Advertising To Hotel Customers 

This point is really further elaboration on what I said earlier, you will want to try to keep your advertising general to attract as many hotel customers as possible. However, there are still ways you can tailor your adverts to certain groups of people in particular. 

Highlight travel to places like airports and train stations or if you want to attract people on holiday use your advertising to showcase travel to popular tourist spots. You can always do both and you don’t need to get carried away with it either. Simply adding something like “fast travel to local airports” or “a great way to see the sights” to your flyers can help you get the message across. 


So, those are my tips for attracting hotel customers to choose your transport business. Hotels are places people come and go from all the time and a valuable place to attract new customers to your business.

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