How To Attract Gen Zers To Your Hotel Or Hostel

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When it comes to running a successful hostel business, you need to market yourself creatively. Because you are connecting with customers around the world, you can’t simply rely on flyers or an attractive entrance. They need to know that your hostel exists even before they have gotten on their flight to the city where you’re based. Generally, you can rely on simply being on Hostel World or Hostel Bookers, and with good reviews and an ideal location, you are all set. But when it comes to reaching out to Gen Zers, the youngest generation of travelers, it is challenging to sell yourself to them. They are resistant to traditional marketing techniques, but also expect constant attention from businesses marketing to them. 

Luckily, there are some strategies that always work with Gen Zers. Once you understand how these work, you will get them making reservations at your hostel in no time and on the move—and here is how. 

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly 

Gen Zers spend a lot of time on their phones. Whether they are communicating with their friends, catching up on Instagram or likes, or stalking their favorite celebrities on social media, these devices are always in their hands. So if you want them to find your hostel or hotel business, you need to make your website mobile-friendly. Like any good website, it has to be minimalist and beautiful, with an aesthetic (fonts, colors, and logo) that matches your social media accounts. And whenever anyone’s looking at it on their phone, everything needs to load correctly, from text to images. 

If you can’t pay for a web designer or UX tester, use a free website builder that includes both a desktop and mobile interface. Additionally, think about creating apps related to your business. For example, you can create a tourist app for finding cool bars in your city, sponsored by your hostel (with discounts for people staying with you). You can also create an app for easy bookings, which Gen Zers will appreciate because it makes reservation-making easier. 

Think about this: the average number of apps that users have on their smartphones is 80, which goes to show just how popular phones are these days for all kinds of uses. That doesn't even include popular tablets such as iPads and Galaxy tabs. 

For your website, you could also create virtual tours and even drone tours of the outside of your hostel. These really differentiate your website and can even be placed on Google Maps listings. Purchase a top of the line customized drone on OmniView Tech and get filming! 

Be Present On Social Media Constantly 

What are most Gen Zers doing when they’re on their phones? They certainly aren’t writing long emails to their parents about how their trip is going so far. No, they are on social media, taking selfies of their adventures as they travel, and connecting with people they’ve met along the way. So if you really want their attention, get on social media, and post constantly. Do your research so that you include the right content and hashtags. If you aren’t sure where to start, see what successful hostels such as The Yellow in Rome are doing. Research travel sites related to your city, too, so you can find out what travelers want to find out about, whether that’s what historical sites to see or where to party. 

Don’t forget about the most important social media platform of all: Instagram. Entrepreneurs understand the importance of Instagram for any modern business, and you should, too. Create an Instagram for Business profile, research what content your competitors are posting, and use industry-relevant hashtags. Don’t forget to geotag: where you’re based is a great way to show up in a city or country search. 

If you are serious about getting followers fast, use a service like Social Gone Viral to get them now and build from there. Considering that 53 percent of Instagram users follow brands on the platform, this is a great way for you to connect with people looking for the perfect hostel. 

Provide As Much Info As You Can 

Something that Gen Zers are always craving is information. And when they are making a reservation somewhere they can’t check out in person, they are going to do a lot of online research. Provide full descriptions of your hostel on travel and accommodations websites, describing not only location and amenities but going into depth about what makes you different from competitors. Include a blog on your website about activities to do where you are based (this improves SEO), as well as customer reviews and an “about us” page. 

The more information you provide, the more Gen Z travelers will feel assured that you are running a reliable, fun hostel. And considering that this generation will soon surpass millennials as the most populous generation, it is time to adapt to their needs. 

Improve Amenities

Nothing helps to attract Generation Z tourists, or any age group for that matter, like offering top amenities. Make sure to offer new high-end televisions and computers with high-speed internet and WiFi. Order some wine gift sets from the Naked Winery to provide as complimentary for your guests old enough to drink legally. All amenities big and small help to differentiate your hostel from the competition and each investment will pay big dividends.

If you have a very limited budget then you might want to rent some high-quality furniture, media, or appliances to make the stay of your guests even more special. Go on the Rental City website to find great renting deals on appliances, computers, e-bikes, electronics, furniture and much more for your hostel or hotel. 

What Are Your Thoughts On Gen Z Hostel And Hotel Promotions?

These are some of the best ways to attract Gen Z tourists to your hotel or hostel business. What other strategies do you think would be effective? Share your thoughts and experiences on Twitter #BootstrapBusiness today. And if you want to learn more information about how traveling in hostels can help you to save more money while you travel in style, read more posts on the Bootstrap Business Blog.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to attract Generation Z customers to your hotel or hostel business.

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