8 Brands That Do Great Instagram Marketing

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Instagram rapidly became one of the top social media networks for marketing, especially for retail, beauty, fashion, and food industries. With its over one billion monthly users, Instagram is becoming the go-to place for brands seeking to thrive with visual content marketing. 

From Instagram stories, Instagram lives, carousels, and other strategies, this visual media is constantly introducing new marketing ways that users can explore for better market reach. As a brand, it can be tough to keep up with these trends, but all you need is a handful of vital ideas to draw some inspiration. 

This is why we have compiled the following list of brands that are killing it with Instagram marketing. Check out what these 8 top businesses did with their Instagram marketing to succeed. 

1. Lego 

If you aren’t following Lego on Instagram yet, you are certainly missing out on a lot of their entertaining content. With more than 3.8 million followers, this famous plastic building block company populates its feed with exciting takes on pop culture that everyone surely appreciates. 

Whereas most of this brand’s post is meant to announce the release of new characters, their value on Instagram is to emulate some familiar social tropes in the Lego way. Some makes are impressing such as the life-sized flying car cropped from the Harry Porter and Chambers of Secrets. 

2. Brit+Co 

With almost 200k active Instagram followers, this American digital media company has positioned itself as an industry leader for craft, online DIY classes, and other creative stuff. Their feed is composed of colourful images, fun and quirky hand-written notes on tiles. 

Unlike other brands with single color identification, Brit+Co has a broad color palette. However, they obviously plan their posts and image feed in advance to ascertain that their colors feature perfectly. 

3. Califia Farms 

The natural beverage products from Califia farms have perhaps the most attractive packaging you might ever come across. Boasting of more than 220k followers on the platform, this brand won the top honors from the global packaging design category in the Beverage World Magazine. 

Instagram, being an overly visual platform, provided the best place for this brand to showcase their cool, curvy beverage bottle. Most of what these brand posts are beverage container, either being the main subject of the photo or as an accessory in the picture. Something that Califia does well is create fun with playful videos and GIFs. 

4. Onnit 

This US based supplement giant company focusses on one mission – human optimization. The brand uses its Instagram platform to provide value to their audience through overly informative posts, videos, and other aesthetically created uploads. The cornerstone of their Instagram feed revolves around the tiles they use to inspire through health, fitness, and mindset quotes and introduce new products. 

They developed an outstanding Instagram feed by using high-quality photos with some space left out for text or inspirational quotes. Unlike Brit+Co, their branding is majorly centred around contrasting black and white colors with a heavy weighted sans serif typeface. 

5. #FollowMeTo 

You’ve probably seen Instagram photos of a woman leading a man by hand to all parts of the world. Well, the #FollowMeTo Instagram account started a pose made by a couple Natalia and Murad Osmann for their project. Currently, they have more than 500k followers. 

This account’s Instagram feed is a mix of splendid and beautifully edited images of the classic #FollowMeTo pose and intriguing behind-the-scenes photos of their world tour. 

6. Adobe 

Brands use Instagram for various reasons. While others want to improve their brand awareness, others want to increase engagement, achieve better social selling, and promote their products and services or all. Well, Adobe is clearly using this platform to boost their brand awareness and Instagram engagement. 

What’s intriguing is the amazing strategy that helps them meet the objectives seamlessly. Adobe relies almost completely on user-generated content. This does not only generate amazing content for their profile but also promotes their product efficiently. 

Through their bio, Adobe explains to its audience the type of content they want featured on their profile, and the hashtags people should use when posting images. Through this, they find lots of user-generated content focusing on emotional connection and taken by those who use and greatly like Adobe. 

7. Charity : Water

If your goal on Instagram is to showcase your company values, culture, and the human aspect of your business, Charity: Water is the Instagram account to follow. Despite being a charitable organization, this company has a lot to school both non-profit organizations and businesses as far as Instagram marketing strategies are concerned. 

The company uploads a lot of varying content on their profile but focuses on the work they do and people who help it get done. In this case, they show behind-the-scenes and show how their team of interns work on achieving their projects. They also reveal slight teases of their upcoming projects through behind-the-scene images to engage their supporters, or in a business case, customers. 

8. Lorna Jane Australian Activewear Company 

Lorna Jane is another featured personality who made a killing with her Instagram marketing techniques. Nearly hitting the million-follower mark, she mastered the art of branding her personal company with Instagram content. 

By spending some seconds scrolling through her feed, you will quickly identify her target audience; a young, twenty-something aged woman who is into sports. Images posted by Lorna include those that market her brand’s clothing and accessories as well as women who embody her target persona. 

Instagram Marketing Innovation 

The brands mentioned above are just but a few of those doing amazing Instagram marketing. Hopefully, their insights have got your creative juices flowing. There is a lot you can learn by checking out what other brands do to get people’s attention. Each of the brands mentioned above has a specific strategy that helped them achieve their goals. They have also learned the power of automating their Instagram marketing

The best part about Instagram marketing is that it accommodates businesses of all sizes and stage. Small companies can take notes from personal brands such as Lorna Jane while large and already established brands can check what Adobe is doing. You can use these Instagram marketing examples as an inspiration for your next Instagram marketing campaign.

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