How To Improve Safety In Your Fleet Company

how to improve fleet safety trucking transportation safe practices

America is covered in over 4 million miles of drivable roads. That’s 4 million miles of potential routes, delivery ports, and customers. But it’s also 4 million miles of potholes, collisions, and vehicle damage waiting to happen. And when it comes to the delivery industry, improving safety in your fleet so that they can conquer the expansive countryside is of the utmost importance. 

Doing so requires a blend of innovation and mechanical upkeep. As a fleet company, this should be one of your #1 priorities. First, you’re protecting your employees. Second, it’s great for business. Nothing screams win-win more for a fleet company than a surge in safety protocol

Manage Your Maintenance 

The importance of vehicle maintenance goes without saying. Routine checkups and general upkeep are one of the most rudimentary responsibilities of a fleet manager. The hard part is staying organized and up to date across the multitude of moving pieces. It’s tough to remember to service you own car, let alone the thousands that fall beneath a fleet manager’s jurisdiction. 

Download the Car Minder app for both you and your local hub managers. Create individual vehicle profiles for your entire fleet. Draw information directly from their product manuals and add updates to keep a linear log of any maintenance or repair needs throughout the year. This pocket-sized database is a dynamite of organization, and a must-have for any foreman. 

A Safety Training Program 

Remember the thrill of taking your first driving test? The attention to detail? The meticulous care with which you navigated the road and others around you? For professional long-distance drivers, it’s easy to be lulled into over-confidence and lazy driving habits. But one lazy mistake could have colossal ramifications

Vetting the reliability of your drivers is vital. You need to be able to trust their integrity and ensure they have a thorough understanding of road safety. By enforcing regular road safety tests, you ensure your fleet upholds excellent road etiquette. Such measures can help assure you that they’re driving as safely as possible. 

Fleetwide GPS Tracking 

In a Big Brother world, the prospect of a fleet wide tracking system might seem to teeter into micromanagement. It doesn’t matter. It’s a matter of safety, not control. A GPS asset tracking system not only monitors your investment, but allows you to contact emergency services on behalf of your drivers in case that they’re unable to themselves. This means that your home base can remotely assist out of state accidents. Additionally, it provides the benefits of: 

- Improving accuracy of ETAs 
- Monitoring driver behavior 
- Scanning for emergencies or dangers later on in the route 

Eliminate Distractions 

Picture this. You’re driving for seven hours solid. Before you, the parallel lines seem to rush on to infinity as you cover the breadth America. Your mind wanders as you switch to autopilot. 

Your stomach longs for sustenance. Your phone buzzes, it’s likely a text message or an Instagram notification. You reach down to check it. As you do, your truck drifts out of its lane. 

No matter the expertise of your drivers, it’s important that they treat delivery journeys with the same precision and focus that they would on a personal route. The following are some simple ways to eliminate distractions while driving: 

• Install a window mount car cradle – This means that a driver’s phone is in their peripheral vision. They can glance at messages without needing to touch it. 

• Install a Bluetooth speaker system – Speakers allow drivers to take calls or play music, all without touching their phone screen. 

 Encourage regular breaks – This breeds a culture where drivers are encouraged to rest, refuel, and stay focused. 

• Disallow eating in the car – Since your fleet crew will now be taking regular breaks, encourage them to use these moments to fill their stomachs safely, rather than eating at the wheel and dangerously multi-tasking. 

Make Safety Your Priority 

No matter the size of your fleet crew, addressing the personal safety needs of your team is paramount. Regular safety reminders and training sessions can ensure road etiquette, helping to reduce the chance of an accident occurring. By making safety your priority, you ensure the protection of your crew and the success of your business.

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