Don Forman Las Vegas Changing Car Industry

don forman las vegas changing car industry top nissan auto dealer Nevada

While big business is definitely equated with big bucks and bigger profits, that money can also be put to good use in the community. While not all businessmen operate under the banner of philanthropy, Don Forman Las Vegas is one such individual who believes in using his business establishment, profits, and acumen to give back to the very community his businesses depends upon for sustenance. 

Owner of United Nissan in Vegas and Tustin Nissan, California, Don Forman exemplifies the philosophy of businesses using their power and place within the community to give back in numerous ways. Mr. Rogers said it best when he spoke of scary events in the world and said, "Look for the helpers," as Forman and his like are certainly who he was referring to. 

Don Forman Stands Apart From The Rest 

Don Forman is not just a car dealership owner, he is a businessman, but he is also a person first. What Forman believes is that nothing feels better in life than giving back. Forman has lots of experience with that feeling as he uses his business establishment and resources to give back to the community in which he works and lives. Forman doesn't just run a friendly and lucrative car dealership; he uses his position to do good, such as partnering with the Fox5 Surprise Squad. 

The Fox5 Surprise Squad 

The Fox5 Surprise Squad is a local treasure. What the team does is find stories in the community of people in need, or people who are doing so much good they deserve a little help, or simply people who have been neglected or forgotten. Once the lucky recipient is chosen, the team surprises the individual, group, or family with help. That help takes all forms and often is a new vehicle donated by Forman's dealership or a monetary contribution to a lofty endeavor. 

The greatest thing about Don Forman and the Squad is that they are out in the community doing good and acknowledging the good that others are doing. From giving a brand new truck to a man who delivers wooden crosses to acknowledge those lost in shootings to helping the poverty-stricken mother who takes on extra children in need, Forman and the Squad keep reminding the community that there is always good to be found, even in the most seemingly- hopeless situations. 

Forman Opens Up His Dealership 

Most of us remember, and will never forget, the tragic mass shooting that took place in Vegas. The true tragedy of such an event is that it can leave us feeling jaded, feeling disappointed in humanity for committing such an act. Trying to maintain the faith that humanity is good amidst tragedies like the Vegas shooting is something that many struggle with. When people respond in ways that show that spirit of goodness is still alive and well, it helps society on two levels: one, the physical help provided amid the circumstances, and two, the spiritual help it provides to help restore faith in the innate goodness of people. 

Forman was one such individual that showed that even when there is sadness and tragedy, some positivity can shine through. When the tragedy struck, Don Forman Las Vegas opened up his dealership to help his community in need. He put the bottom line on hold, and instead offered anyone needing rides to Red Cross stations or hospitals to donate blood. He gave of his profit, his staff, and his resources to help his community gripped in tragedy. 

Don Forman Does Things Right

Businessmen and prominent community members have extra resources at their disposal. While not all choose to use those resources for good, Don Forman and those like him, choose to make a difference and give back. Pick up a new Nissan at one of Don Forman's dealerships!

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